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WHAT. No Woodchuck? Woodchuck is the best. And so Vermont-y.

Also, Crispin? Strongbow? Fox Barrel?

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On Beauty Q&A: Crackne, Brow Dye, and Growing Out Bangs

I am a VERY pasty redhead with darkish red hair and absolutely white eyebrows.

Get them dyed. I'm serious. I used to pencil them in every day and they looked whack and it was awful.

I suggest that you get them dyed and waxed professionally the first time or so until you figure out what you like. Having them shaped by somebody before you can look at them helps take away the initial shock of suddenly having catepillars on your face. A lot of professional places use a semi-permanant "tint" that won't really last very long and is kind of lame, IMHO (especially for costing $10-20). I used to use a girl who used actual hairdye (maybe not legal), and there was a lot more control with it and it looked WAY better.

Since I started grad school, I'm a bit strapped for cash, so I pluck my own and dye mine with box color applied with a q-tip every few weeks. I buy the $4 box at Walmart, and it takes about 20 minutes of lounging around and reading the hairpin to do.

My biggest recommendation for other redheads: DO NOT PICK A RED COLOR. Stay with neutral/ashy browns (or light browns). I know it seems like your eyebrows should match your red locks, but in my experience... red eyebrows end up looking kind of weird, especially if you wear a lot of eye makeup/mascara.

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