On Friday Open Thread

@KatieBarTheDoor Aveda salons sometimes have a makeup and skincare person to help with training and application.

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On The Hoarders Pie

@Brunhilde Pour it over ice cream!

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On The Importance of Gazing at the Day's First Light

@leonstj I don't know. Maybe it's OK to read things one way when we have nothing but insatiable young boners and another when we are grown. But for sure there isn't nearly enough feminist critical analysis of the white male canon taught in this country and that's a shame. And not just for the ladies.

PS: I loved IJ so much that I read it three times. It ruined me for a while too.

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On The Importance of Gazing at the Day's First Light

@frumious bandersnatch Heh, you're totally not wrong with the "high chick lit" analogy. It's just frustrating to me that so many people--those who loathe him and those who adore him--fail to read fully such a prominent part of the western canon, one with things to help us understand about gender and love and violence still. If we as readers can't sound the depths of Hemingway--he's not exactly difficult to get--what hope do authors of less renown have to be fully understood?

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On The Importance of Gazing at the Day's First Light

@garli HLWE and the collection it appears in are exactly what I was thinking of, full of men trying and failing to connect with nature and the generative power of the feminine in any but the most brutal, destructive ways. It's called Men Without Women for fuck's sake.

@bitzyboozer It seems so odd to me that people, especially young men, look to the Hemingway lifestyle as a guide for living. In addition to chronic major depression, he suffered repeated head wounds throughout his life, culminating in the ultimate self-inflicted one. His characters struggle similar physical and emotional indignities. His stories are all about the failure of that kind of life.

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On The Importance of Gazing at the Day's First Light

@leonstj I had a fantastic prof in school who had us read a ton of feminist criticism of Hemingway and I'm ever after disappointed by the easy popular dismissal of Hemingway as nothing but macho bullshit. There's lots to dislike about the man personally but so much of his writing is in fact all about the limits and sorrows of the patriarchy for men and women, about the substitution of violence for engagement with life, nature and love. I still find him terribly relevant.

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On The Treat Yo Self Pie

Yesterday I baked a loaf of bread and ate half of it as soon as it was done.

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