On Talkin' JEWELS: Erie Basin's Russell Whitmore

I love the Erie Basin tumblr and think about this necklace, and how it would sit in my collarbones, a lot.

Also that one marquise diamond ring you made is exquisite.

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On The Returned Is the Best Show on Television

alksdjfskldfjkd, I have been waiting for this since y'all mentioned doing this post on Twitter. I watched a couple of episodes to warm up in anticipation and yet I still have nothing much to add to this close look at the show beyond alkdfjslkdfjakdjfld.

OK and but so: the twins thing. Has any other story in the history of stories covered how fucking weird and awful and freeing it might be to have a twin, have her die in a shocking way, mourn her and have her reappear, still consumed by the jealousies and expectations she had four years ago? Or, from the other perspective, to be a teen twin, die and then return to find your twin is now a tall gorgeous 19-year-old who has mourned you and then, carried by adolescence and some odd family dynamics, moved on? This seems completely original to me and yet resonates so heavily in terms of loss, family, friendships and time.

The houses. The four little square pitched roof houses in a row. The civil streetlights, etc., flickering on and off when a revenant passes. The fucking "lek poob". Whose idea was it for this French mountain town to have a faux British pub? One that I keep forgetting, on the inside, isn't The Bronze from Buffy.

I also love that it's in French. My high school French is enough that I get a lot but still have to read the subtitles. Maybe I find this show so arresting because I can't mess around on the internet or cook or text when it's on. I can't just kind of listen and knit or whatever. I have to watch the screen at all times.

I can't wait until I've watched the whole season so I can start watching it all over again.

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On Teenage Girls, as Imagined By an 8-Year-Old in 1991

@adriana Yes to Sammi's dress. And also all the shoes.

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On Teenage Girls, as Imagined By an 8-Year-Old in 1991

Hobby: Collecting green striped things

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On The Kevin McAllister Pie

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose OK, yes, I have heard this about expressions of Bear appreciation. But why would you woof at a Bear instead of making, I don't know, maybe a strangled wookie noise of longing?

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On The Kevin McAllister Pie

When we say, "woof" about someone's date, are we saying she's a dog, i.e. ugly, or that we're inspired by her beauty to behave like some kind of cartoon hound dog? I feel like maybe this shifted when the millennials came of age.

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On Friday Open Thread

Hey Jia and Emma, the comments login system logs me out and my comments disappear whenever I refresh.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Madeline Shoes

1. Pull the foundation's recent Form 990s (tax statements) from Guidestar and look at what they're actually funding (as opposed to what they say they're interested in).

2. If possible, set up a call with the foundation to discuss your proposal and whether it would be competitive.

3. Get a list of the foundation's senior staff and board in front of your senior staff and board to see if anyone knows anyone. If they do, see if they'd be willing to set up a call with you and them and their contact to talk background on the foundation's goals and interests, if there are outcomes they're particularly hoping to see as a result of awarding the grant funding.

4. Write the budget first. Use it as an outline for the project you're hoping to fund via the grant. Anything you propose doing in the project should be reflected in the budget even if someone else pays for it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@iceberg What? Bags of pennies have a nice weight and the pennies click against each other reassuringly. IT'S NOT WEIRD.

I guess we know why Dimples is no longer called The Quiet One. Also I would also like hot ice cream.

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On The Hairpin Travel Serial, Episode 8: That Witch Is Tied Up

"Although it’s rarely clear if you’re the hero, the villain, or the idiot when traveling, and maybe you’re always all three."

And also not just when traveling.

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