On Here's Brad Paisley's Horrible New Song "Accidental Racist"

Oh hey GOB and Franklin have a new song.

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On What's On Your Locker Door?

@Helvetica I would tac Joss Whedon's brain to my locker any day.

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On What's On Your Locker Door?

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On What's On Your Locker Door?

The Scott Speedman vs. Scott Foley debate rages on.

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On What's On Your Locker Door?

I would like to take this moment to appreciate the 2008 New York Rangers.

Go Bruins.

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On Shouldn’t I Be Saving The World, Or Something?

@WaityKatie I don't even play music, but 'From the Top' on NPR makes me feel like a colossal 28-year-old failure.

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On Light-ish, Hippie-ish, Side Dish Ish/Help

Squash and chickpea curry! There are a million recipes/variations online, but it's super easy no matter which way you do it. Plus it's filling without being heavy. Basically, saute onion/garlic in olive oil, add spices (curry, garam masala, cumin, turmeric, pepper, salt, etc - go nuts), toss in a can or whatever of chickpeas, then add pre-baked or thawed frozen squash or pumpkin. Let it simmer awhile, add some lemon juice, and voila! Plus it just gets better the longer you let it sit, so you can make it early or the day before. Rice and quinoa both go really well with this stuff, too.

I eat this a lot.

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On The YOLO Champion of the World

@jen325 Rolo McFlurries are the true YOLO totems.

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On Not a Fever Dream

Oh my gosh. This and Mr. Wizard were The Things On TV as I got ready for school in the morning, and I still associate them with breakfast/running late (that Mr. Wizard is a Dick supercut makes me want an english muffin so badly).

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On We Few, We Happy Few

Buffy: "Remember: The ritual starts, we all die; and I'll kill anyone who comes near Dawn."
Spike: "Well, not exactly the St. Crispin's Day speech, was it?"
Giles: "We few, we happy few..."
Spike: "...we band of buggered."

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