On The Big Book of Female Killers, Chapter 2: The Marquise de Brinvilliers

I had a really rough afternoon. I just settled in with a glass (or bottle...) of wine, opened up The Hairpin, and as the page was loading, I said to myself, "Man, I really hope there's another installment of Lady Killers up." THANK YOU for giving me something to help me take my mind off...everything. Even if it's a sorta weird thing to be excited about.

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On Answers to "What's That Thing on Your Baby's Head?"

@HeyThatsMyBike My boyfriend has a palm indendation on his head from someone (a doctor, perhaps) grabbing him by the skull when his mom was giving birth. When he gets buzz cuts, you can see it - finger grooves and all.

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On Insufficient Address

True story: My boyfriend's post office is the smallest free-standing post office in the nation. On Christmas Eve the postmaster called my boyfriend's cell phone (YES. Service. Yay, rural towns!) to let him know that he had received a package, but that he had to come pick it up in the next 90 minutes or else it was going to be sent back. Why? Because the postmaster was getting ready to go deliver mail, which they do to mailboxes on rural roads, not to doorsteps - driveways are too rough to permit it. So, the postmaster couldn't drop the package off at boyfriend's house, and - this is the best part - the package was too big to fit inside the post office. THAT'S HOW SMALL THIS POST OFFICE IS.

Anyway, that post office is just too awesome to close.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Cary Grant's Intimate Bromance

@Edith Zimmerman Also, Barbara Hutton was heir to the Woolworth fortune, not Woolrich.

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