On 13 Months Alone in Bangkok

Where is the 'Williamsburg' of Bangkok?! I live in wayyy rural Thailand and have very little fondness for Bangkok, mostly because it just seems like an endless maze of malls and traffic. But, anyways: Recommendations for good places to drink/grub/hang out in BKK?

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On Six Weeks Alone on the Camino de Santiago Pilgrim Trail

This is so cool. I've always wanted to do a 'Big Walk.' I've got my eye on the John Muir Trail or Appalachian Trail, but this sounds amazing too.

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On Scandal vs. Homeland: The Weekly Showdown

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On Scandal vs. Homeland: The Weekly Showdown

YES. I'm so into this. Although it's going to be real hard for anyone to one up Olivia Pope.

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On You've Been Tying Your Shoes All Wrong: An Interview With "Professor Shoelace"

Can we make a Hairpin Interview Wishlist? I'd love to see interviews with RPCVs and with Shannon (peace shannon on tumblr) about adoption activism and her personal story. And with EVERYONE.

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On 8 Days Alone in Kyrgyzstan

I'm a PCV in South Asia and have been following your writing since Best Little Bookshelf in Texas, way back when my own Peace Corps service was still just an idea. I love how you write about your experience. A lot of the pieces I've read my RPCVs are either overly sentimental or riddled with cynicism, but your writing is so balanced and thoughtful. I hope you continue writing about Peace Corps and Kyrgyzstan!

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On "The January Cure"

@Jane Marie I think so! Woo!

@leon s Good luck to you! I did the 'cold turkey and pretending to be really excited about it until I genuinely was excited about it.' You can do it!

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On "The January Cure"

Any list that starts with 'make a list' is too much for me.

Can this be a New Years Resolution Check-in Thread? I have not smoked for 24 days. (!!!) How you doin'?

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On Would You Know My Name, If I Saw You in Pyongyang?

Kim Jong-Nam getting arrested trying to go to Disneyland Tokyo is my personal favorite Kim family story. What a crazy family. At least all the kiddos are getting 2 pounds of candy this year? And they can legally eat pizza!

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

Butchers! I love your butcher story. When I lived in NotAmerica, there was a butcher around the corner from my apartment. Every morning before he opened, he would sit behind the meat counter by himself and play the saxophone for an hour. It was literally the most charming thing I have ever seen and I wish I had a secret picture of it. Butchers!

Also, that boulangerie is making me feel pretty swoon-y. phew

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