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@paper bag princess Ooooo! Okay, so cocktail attire on the East Coast is like what you would wear to a fancy restaurant - classic little black dress and heels is the easiest option. I'm a big fan of LBDs with a twist - a subtle but interesting pattern or a beaded fabric and then funky accessories like a big statement necklace or killer shoes. Check out White House Black Market - they have a decent range of options for various ages, and while the full price stuff might be more than you're willing to spend, I've gotten amazing discounts during their sales, especially if there's a brick and mortar store near you, which sometimes seems to have better sales than just the website.

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Fuck this week, am I right?

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Thank god my mom was awesome and never gave me a sex talk but offered to get me a BC prescription constantly for like 5 years before I even had sex.

Haha, oh man, I literally just realized that when my Catholic mother was incessantly offering to take me to the doctor "to get a prescription for your cramps," she was ALSO asking-without-asking if I needed to be on the pill for birth control.

I feel very dumb right now.

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@PatatasBravas What is fast-paced video? I'm just imagining lots of crazy music, lasers, and hyperactive jump cuts until all the girls are mentally overwhelmed.


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@love and other indoor sports

I like to put on a pair of underwear, and then any pubic hair that comes out the sides of the undies, I remove. I also trim the actual length of the pubic hair a little bit.

Other than that, I leave my pubic hair alone usually. I personally think that a triangle of pubic hair with clean boundaries is incredibly sexy and feminine.

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@catfoodandhairnets I think @LeafySeaDragon lays it out. It's nice to be able to point to a specific cause and say "this, this is what caused this effect".

I don't know enough about the formulation of vaccines to know if they all have the same ingredients, but I can imagine that if I were the parent of someone who were prone to allergies, it would be nice to be able to know which vaccine had produced an allergic reaction, so we could narrow down the allergen. If you have a kid who is prone to dramatic or unusual reactions to medicines, it makes sense to try to introduce as few variables at a time as possible.

I also once knew a woman whose husband was on the autism spectrum, and she suspected her son might be too, so she delayed vaccinating as a way to help disprove that the vaccines were related to the autism.

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By area@twitter on Baby Steps (and Shots)

@LeafySeaDragon I'm sorry too- this is just one of my instant-rage topics (as you can probably guess!). And oh my god, that is awful. That is NOT being a responsible doctor, and I really hope they were called to judgement on that. A huge part of this whole thing is that you get to decide what you do with your body, and you can't do that with someone who's misleading you or giving you incomplete information. Giving your patients the tools to make an informed decision is part of what a competent doctor does.

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@LeafySeaDragon Ha ha, I don't think you were being an asshole! I was rewording what you said in the hopes that no one would jump on the original statement, because what you said does make sense! :)

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@Lily Rowan - Haha I think this is my issue too. I did the numbers and I was like, OH, I could TOTALLY save up a bunch and travel and....then I realized that if I went out only one night per week instead of two (I'M SUCH A LUSH) I could save up enough for...4 nights in spain per year?

Disclaimer: The amount of money Leon spends on cigarettes is beyond reasonable. Nobody should listen to him about money ever, because if all he did was cut out a habit which is both killing him & probably making huge numbers of women unwilling to mouth kiss him, he could stop being a dingus and actually go places.

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I know I'm probably just being a bucket of spite-envy and bitterness, but I am SO SICK OF THE RICH-PEOPLE-VACATION SERIES.

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