On Mad Libs: Art House Cinema Edition

Love the Freddie Prinze Jr photo selection.

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On Scandal and Grey's Anatomy: Shonda Rhimes' Twisted Sisters

I stuck with Grey's through the Izzie ghost tumor stuff which was horrendous because I have hard time giving up TV shows long after I should have but I do feel like it came around to good again and was worth sticking with. The characters have matured and the friendships are unusual and realistic for TV and I appreciate all the ways its different from the critically acclaimed white man antihero prestige series.

Plus, those big melodramatic episodes are my favorite! I don't go for the big popcorny summer action movies but give me love interests making sappy speeches to each other while something crashes in the background while I drink white wine on the couch and I'm a happy girl.

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On The Unglamorous Life of a New York City Private Eye

@isavedlatin It is a good answer but I was hoping she would say something more along the lines of "My dad was the Sheriff until my best friend got murdered and now I'm just trying to find some justice and maybe a little revenge"? Just me?

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On There Is No Good Reason for SNL Not to Cast a Black Female Comedian

A) That sketch was hilarious.

B) I hadn't paid too much attention to SNL casting but I watched season opener with Tina Fey where they introduced all the new people. If one of them came up to me, yelled in my face, and stole my purse, I would not be able to pick them out of a line-up made up of all the other new cast members (including the new girl.) I'm sure they're funny enough but they're so generic. There is absolutely no way there isn't a more diverse and interesting pool of people they could have chosen. It's effing ridiculous.

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On The O.C.'s Music Supervisor Picks a Contemporary OC Playlist

Confession: I recently re-watched Season 1 of the OC and realized how much of the stuff still on my iPod I discovered from that show. Love the modern playlist. Also, still have stuff from Buffy and Veronica Mars that snaps me right back.

Pretty Little Liars (my guiltiest pleasure even though I can barely follow the plot anymore) is great for music these days.

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On Do You Need a Hug?

@hallelujah OMG, yes to this. I'm frequently the only woman working on a small team of men and they hug me hello/goodbye at the start of every project (we don't work together between projects.) I don't feel sexually harassed or anything, but they all shake each other's hands and then hug me! I stick my hand out and they use it to pull me into a hug. Dude, just shake my hand like a professional.

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On Ask Ladies About Engagement Rings

@Stella Potato I so agree with that last point! I'm not engaged but I know I want to have my dad walk me down the aisle. I know my mom will be involved with the wedding planning, the dress shopping, etc. I want to bring my dad into the process because I love him! I could of course come up with some other way to do it, but I don't think of it of being given from one man to another, but of sharing a meaningful moment with my father who I love.

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On Ask Ladies About Engagement Rings

@werewolfbarmitzvah @Lana@twitter I second the CZ idea - that's my plan when it comes to it. If it's not a bait-and-switch and you're both aware it's not real, I don't think it's a problem. I love a bit of bling (or as I'm fond of joking, I want a big ol' rock on my finger) but I don't really care about the real deal (many reasons: anti-blood diamond, tend to lose things, cheap). I'm sure you can find reproductions of other gems if you're not a diamond girl either. Antique rings can be another good way to go for a bargain.

It sounds to me like the LW wants a ring, but feels guilty about it. It's definitely not a rational thing to want but sometimes people aren't rational (shock! gasp!). I'd try to find something you love that's not the traditional diamond for a lower price ($150-300? whatever would make you feel not guilty) and spend the rest on your honeymoon or loans. Try bypassing traditional jewelers and shop online.

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On The Best Time I ... Tried to Adopt a Cat

@frigwiggin I really think my cat needs a friend but I don't know if my apartment could handle it and my roommates don't really want another one. Since I don't have enough money to live alone, I just have to give my cat extra love when I get home. But I worry about her loneliness all the time. I should have adopted 2 at the start!

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On How to Talk to Your Average Four-Year-Old

@zehttie There were some amusing stories in these comments, but yours was the first one to make me bust out giggling. Thanks! I needed that.

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