On "In the Dead Girl Show, the girl body is both a wellspring of and a target for sexual wickedness"

This trope has a long, long history. As Edgar Allan Poe explained, "the death, then, of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world."

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On Talking to Misty Copeland About Race, Class and Ballet

I can never get over how beautiful her lines are. I wish I could see her dance live.

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On Joan Didion on Woody Allen

@queequeging Meryl Streep was in "Manhattan." Has she spoken out against him?

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On The Kitchen Of Tomorrow

That garbage can exchange was remarkably true to life!

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On The Real Fantasy of Downton Abbey

I think Thomas and Branson are "legit hot dudes."

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On [A Joke About Things Not Rising]

They're already doing this because short nonfiction lends itself better to test-taking and the stultifying quantification of all learning as a way of exacting "standards" that entirely depreciates them. Leaving aside recent experiments about the unique effects of literary fiction on emotional acuity, the fact that some instructors teach the novel ineptly (and presumably would teach nonfiction ineptly too)is no argument for not doing so at all. Why should teenagers' tastes be pandered to? Why can't we try to expand their horizons instead of continually limiting them?

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On A Day in the Life of The Dopeass Tea Wizard

Just seeing the title and image of this made me collapse into giggles.

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On "1913: A message in a bottle that reads From Titanic. Goodbye all washes ashore in Ireland"

@fondue with cheddar Tragedy + time= I think we're fine. Though now I'm wondering whether some of these messages, especially from famous maritime disasters, are fakes.

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On "1913: A message in a bottle that reads From Titanic. Goodbye all washes ashore in Ireland"

@fondue with cheddar I shouldn't laugh at this, but...

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@Amphora Yes! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills--why is that the song of the summer?

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