On A Lazy Man's Guide to Seducing Women

Yep, this summer. He picked me up in his CAR around 1am after work. He proceeded to show me R. Kelly videos and chain smoke and drink Old Milwaukee until like 5am when we decided we should go to bed. Had to help him put some sheets on the bed. Bad sex ensued. 2 months later he was like "we should do that again!" I was like yeeeeeah. No. One of the last straws in my "maybe I'm a lesbian" narrative.

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On Beyond Clarice: Underrated Horror Heroines

Black Christmas (I always save that one for Christmastime!) is directed by Bob Clark, not Bob Black! But that just sounds like a typo... See also, by Clark: Death Dream - Soldier returns from Vietnam, but he's a zombie! Creepy and very ahead of its time!

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On Throw This Party: Halloween

@mysteriousandsneaky I was Liza in Cabaret last year! (hope this link works - I made it public)


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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Exquisite Garbo

@La Cieca@facebook I got a shiver as I read this story!

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On How to Become a Bisexual/Queer-Identified/Questioning Person in Several Easy Steps

1. have crushes on guys, and have strong urges to befriend interesting girls all through teen years
2. get first boyfriend at 23, date, move in, live together for 6 years
3. turn 30 and single, decide you might be into women
4. no makeouts, no dates for a year and half, then sleep with 3 dudes in the span of about 6 months (2 bad, one really good)
5. decide you've really gotta focus on the lady thing
6. makeout, drunk, with a girl at a party, think about it lots even though she's "not your type" (tall, skinny, blonde)
7. find yourself sharing a bed with her twice in a weekend, both times with other friends, no hanky panky the first night, LOTS the second night, don't really talk about it, laugh about it lots
8. still wonder every time you see her if you'll get up to it again?
9. worry about the state of your liver

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On 20 Irrational But Nonetheless Persistent Beauty Fears I’ve Picked Up From My Time as a Female Human Being

@Ten Thousand Buckets I keep a little tub of Vaseline beside the bed and glop it on to my lips every night before bed. Feels so good and I always have soft lips!

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On My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Man

Excellent article! Last House has been sitting on my computer for months; this has certainly impelled me to watch it. I love that he made the music for the film.

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On Breaking Up Is Hard to Do With Dignity

@kella ETA: I can't believe I forgot this part: After the breakup, my sister and her cat moved in! Best roommates ever.

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On Breaking Up Is Hard to Do With Dignity

@britishpetroleum I went the positive-attitude route as well, and it really helped at the time. I am almost 32; the breakup was almost exactly 2 years ago. He was a cliche too: married within 6 months of our 7-year relationship being over. Last week I died my hair pink. Still single, still winning!

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On Kate Bolick on Refusing to Settle (Part One)

@amuselouche Hah! I just posted the following on my fb, about 20 minutes before getting to this part in the comments:
"here's an interview with the author (with far better comments than on the atlantic mag website)"

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