On You've Been Tying Your Shoes All Wrong: An Interview With "Professor Shoelace"

"In practice, people often don’t take kindly to a stranger pointing out one of their failings."


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On Ask a Glutton: When Your Food Groups Are Cheese, Chocolate, and Coffee

Aspiring Grown Up: Get yourself to a thrift store and find a copy of the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. Trust me. It has EVERYTHING. You'll never need the internet or another cookbook again. I use mine almost daily and I don't even like to cook http://bit.ly/17Q0DlV

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On What Kind of Restaurant Are You?

@roadtrips I love these cafes!

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On A Chat with Mikki Kendall and Flavia Dzodan About #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen

@supernintendochalmers I actually really respect xojane's stance at the moment to not discuss Hugo at all. Both Lesley and Emily have commented that they've received repeated emails from HS encouraging them to write something critical about him, so they've decided they'd rather not give him the attention he craves, which makes a lotta sense to me. (Comments here http://www.xojane.com/janes-phone/image/whoops-its-been-a-day#comment-1003665221 and http://www.xojane.com/issues/why-solidarityisforwhitewomen-should-never-be-forgotten#comment-1002952855).

I do think se or someone should have something on #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen by now in a way that doesn't ping HS's google alert and I think there should have been a post explaining why they're not discussing him, but I do think not discussing him at all is a good 'don't feed the troll' sort of approach.

xoJane only published one Hugo once (which might have even been a reblog from Jezebel?) so I actually think Jezebel owes readers much more of an apology than xojane does (a real apology, not some faux vague one).

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On Friday Open Thread

@frenz.lo I liked that article!

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On Summer Invites and the Word “Yes”

@sunflowers I refused to go to a party when I was a teenager too for similar reasons (he was older, I was shyer). I'm 33 now and have a pretty awesome life but I still wonder sometimes how I would've turned out if I'd just snuck out and went to that damn party!

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On I Just Wanted to Fly Solo: A Night at the Sugar Ray Festival

This is beautiful.

Also: why do bros always say stuff like, "I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this, but you’re beautiful." Like, yeah dude, I'm a grown ass woman. I've been told I'm beautiful before! Did they all read that it's a good line to open with in Maxim or something? Or do they just spend too much time trying to pick up self-conscious teenagers who haven't yet been told they're beautiful?

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On "I couldn't stop staring."

At first I was like:

But after seeing everyone's gifs I'm like:

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On Unless It's Chris Brown

@evil melis This is the best thing I've read on the internet all day

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On Boyfriends' Mothers, "Compassion," and Les Misérables

OMG " Dump him, date his mom" and "I should have given her one of my junkie boyfriends. I don't think they would have noticed" is the BEST. I love this Lady.

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