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@adorable-eggplant It is a spinoff of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, focusing on the lives of the waitstaff of wannabe models and actors in a restaurant owned by one of said Housewives. It is really just terrible but in that "good" kind of terrible way. I guess.

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On Friday Open Thread

@meowmischen Maybe it's the newfangled constant logging in that sent people away? Maybe people have better plans than I do of Friday nights… though it's too cold for plans and I like being home alone with the kittens (BF has a gig) and my mac & cheese and gin & tonic while reading the cast blogs from Vanderpump Rules. That last part is weird, I know.

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On Friday Open Thread

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) UGH--I know that situation too. This happened after a friend of mine got married and I hadn't seen her for a while (which, understandable, I guess). But when she did want to hang out like we used to, I was treated to an Arbonne cosmetics demonstration.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) and @everyone
ALL GOOD ADVICE HERE--thank you! And you're all getting some virtual toasts! I just should say that not only do I not have an iPhone but I also don't have Twitter or Instagram; I just keep spying on hers! Because why, I do not know--I've gone a little crazy, maybe! Oh, the memes, you guys--so, so bad. She is not posting this nonsense on Facebook though because she knows I'll see that. Whether that's out of respect or fear, I also don't know.

So cheesy, this whole thing, right? And yes with the red flags; there are many--did I say that he'd also just gotten out of rehab for alcohol abuse? They both have their issues but on a purely superficial level, I do not care what he does and with whom. But my own sister--that whole thing is mind-numbing, especially with (A.) the fact that he was a beast to me at the end, (B.) rehab, (C.) your own sister's serious-level ex--not a date, not a guy I liked back in college, not someone we both thought was cute in a bar but my ex of many years with whom I was in love until shit went sideways (and let's face it, after that for a while too). That was a bad time for me, yet... he's a swell candidate for her? What? How? After he treated your sister like garbage? Oy. OY! And what was the goal here--that he'd be at Thanksgiving dinner like it's normal? Photoshopping her face over none in all the old pics my mom probably has somewhere? I don't know how she thought it would work out different for her after being dumped after a handful of months than it did for me after a few years! And now she acts like she's the first person to feel upset at a breakup.

And what mom asks Daughter/Dumpee #1 for help consoling Daughter/Dumpee #2? And all the…conspiratorial lying just made me feel so stupid! (See, my sister would divulge bits and pieces to me of their "just friends" relationship, which I thought was weird enough, but kept my mouth shut about anyway--even though I found it inappropriate that she pursued him on FB years later.)

I should clarify also that my relationship with him ended for good in 2005 so it's not a new wound by any means. Or even a wound at all at this point (I have an awesome BF of just under five years--and he is equally annoyed and baffled at my sister's… decision-making skills). But who does this? I don't know anyone who would! I can only imagine the hellfire that would ensue if I did the same thing with her ex--my family would take to Facebook over it, that's for sure.

OK, again…whew! I am unloading like a moving truck over here…


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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) I did keep my distance, even to the point of not answering e-mails or texts… for a few minutes, until she'd text again to try my work e-mail. Her frenzy made me feel like I was being so mean to her! I have a feeling she knew that I knew and, while not eager to talk about it, she was maybe looking for an opening to do so? So I replied in short-and-sweet ways, and didn't bring it up. And she didn't either because I think she was scared to.

SO… she didn't even show up to my mom's at Christmas, but she came by the next day as did I, because we had relatives visiting. We small-talked a little but I left soon after her arrival. She proceeded to have a meltdown (about the sad breakup, not that she's been lying to me or anything). I don't think she revealed to the relatives who the breakup was with.

And then… I get a flurry of texts and FB messages about how I should be supporting my (38-year-old) sister better in her time of need. I even got a total passive-aggressive Facebook post from MY GRANDMA (only she posted it as her own status by mistake because grandmas and Facebook don't always mix). Then other relatives (who, again may not have known who the guy is) chimed in about how they knew the vague status was about me but they didn't want to call me out (for… what? I dunno). It was a mess and somehow it is these silly-ass sad-girl memes that are making me madder than anything! She is wallowing over an ill-conceived to begin with relationship in the most juvenile way possible. Who reTweets "I miss you"? I am serious, that's all the tweet said from something called "LoveQuotes." And when people offer encouraging words, she gets all, "But you don't understand how I feel" about it! Ugh.

Oy, rambly--sorry! Whew, I let it all out there, didn't I? I have to stop spying, don't I?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Hellcat "because" should be "became." And I believe I have an "os" for "is." Yikes, sorry!

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On Friday Open Thread

I need to vent:

I revealed here a while ago (around Christmas) my Jerry Springer-esque tale of my sister having a secret relationship with a very serious ex of mine (together five years, and not an amicable breakup)… well, secret from me; seems my parents knew all along (and even lied to me when I started to figure it out). Anyway, he gave her the "just friends" speech after she characteristically because too attached to what I assume was intended as an FWB relationship. And then my mother called me for advice on how to console my sister now that her relationship with my serious ex was over.

And now, here I sit, driving myself crazy stalking my sister's Twitter/Instagram because she is posting sad memes about heartbreak so that all her friends can give her the poor baby/he was intimidated by your love/he feels it but doesn't realize it speeches. Ugh, the whole situation os just… ugh, gross.

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On FOUND: The Best Sheets

You guys--sheets with elaborate patterns: where are they? Boyfriend's face/head discolors the pillowcases, dark or light, so I've decided it's patterns from now on. With the exception of some flowery-skull ones, I'm finding nothing!

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On Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

@champignondeluxe Haha--when I bought a pair of blue-suede Jeffrey Campbell biker boots a couple of years ago, I almost freaked right out. I went back and forth in my head about paying the price but couldn't get those beautiful things out of my mind and finally bought them. Then I was afraid to actually wear them. And then I paid a shoe guy to waterproof them, even though I could do it myself for all of $10. And then…

I found the same pair in black (not at Loehmann's) for $150 cheaper. Strangely, I felt no compunctions about hitting "Buy" on the latter because I knew only too well what a bargain they were.

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