On Craigslist Behavior

@Hellcat Or more recently, "How to Wear Leather Every Day"--do you know that you can wear a casual leather jacket while doing errands?

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On Craigslist Behavior

@commanderbanana Late to this party, but I just felt the urge to add that their fashion articles are lame too! For example, why does anyone at this point need to write a "Spring Must-Haves List" that includes the oh-so-revolutionary items of a casual dress, a T-shirt or two, and ballet flats? Are these not things that most people have by default? Or "How to Wear Over-the-Knee Tights Many Ways" (or something like that): with a short skirt; with a long skirt that has a slit; on top of patterned tights; on top of solid-color tights… sorry, but to me that's really just ONE WAY of wearing over-the-knee tights.

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On The 10 Worst Nail Polish Names from Pure Ice

Because of 7 & 9, I now have a Flo Rida song stuck in my head.

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On Are You Normcore?

@stonefruit I am with you on the DMs, Mary Janes and otherwise!

I just don't get it. Is this a capital-T Thing or just sort of the "other" (or "all of the above") check-box on the "What's Your Style?" quiz? Is it deliberately wearing all your stuff at once, or just grabbing what you can so that you're decently covered? And if it's specifically '90s stuff, then why is it not just labeled "retro"?

Who decides that someone is wearing Normcore--observers or the wearer? If it's the wearer, then it's kind of the opposite of a conscious decision to not care. I think…? So many questions.

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On Friday Open Thread

@meowmischen Talk on the phone while twirling the cord (haha--phone cord!) around your finger with a towel on your head and a facial masque on your skin? Cry at a Lifetime movie while painting your toes?

I should have gotten some donuts.

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant It is a spinoff of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, focusing on the lives of the waitstaff of wannabe models and actors in a restaurant owned by one of said Housewives. It is really just terrible but in that "good" kind of terrible way. I guess.

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On Friday Open Thread

@meowmischen Maybe it's the newfangled constant logging in that sent people away? Maybe people have better plans than I do of Friday nights… though it's too cold for plans and I like being home alone with the kittens (BF has a gig) and my mac & cheese and gin & tonic while reading the cast blogs from Vanderpump Rules. That last part is weird, I know.

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On Friday Open Thread

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) UGH--I know that situation too. This happened after a friend of mine got married and I hadn't seen her for a while (which, understandable, I guess). But when she did want to hang out like we used to, I was treated to an Arbonne cosmetics demonstration.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) and @everyone
ALL GOOD ADVICE HERE--thank you! And you're all getting some virtual toasts! I just should say that not only do I not have an iPhone but I also don't have Twitter or Instagram; I just keep spying on hers! Because why, I do not know--I've gone a little crazy, maybe! Oh, the memes, you guys--so, so bad. She is not posting this nonsense on Facebook though because she knows I'll see that. Whether that's out of respect or fear, I also don't know.

So cheesy, this whole thing, right? And yes with the red flags; there are many--did I say that he'd also just gotten out of rehab for alcohol abuse? They both have their issues but on a purely superficial level, I do not care what he does and with whom. But my own sister--that whole thing is mind-numbing, especially with (A.) the fact that he was a beast to me at the end, (B.) rehab, (C.) your own sister's serious-level ex--not a date, not a guy I liked back in college, not someone we both thought was cute in a bar but my ex of many years with whom I was in love until shit went sideways (and let's face it, after that for a while too). That was a bad time for me, yet... he's a swell candidate for her? What? How? After he treated your sister like garbage? Oy. OY! And what was the goal here--that he'd be at Thanksgiving dinner like it's normal? Photoshopping her face over none in all the old pics my mom probably has somewhere? I don't know how she thought it would work out different for her after being dumped after a handful of months than it did for me after a few years! And now she acts like she's the first person to feel upset at a breakup.

And what mom asks Daughter/Dumpee #1 for help consoling Daughter/Dumpee #2? And all the…conspiratorial lying just made me feel so stupid! (See, my sister would divulge bits and pieces to me of their "just friends" relationship, which I thought was weird enough, but kept my mouth shut about anyway--even though I found it inappropriate that she pursued him on FB years later.)

I should clarify also that my relationship with him ended for good in 2005 so it's not a new wound by any means. Or even a wound at all at this point (I have an awesome BF of just under five years--and he is equally annoyed and baffled at my sister's… decision-making skills). But who does this? I don't know anyone who would! I can only imagine the hellfire that would ensue if I did the same thing with her ex--my family would take to Facebook over it, that's for sure.

OK, again…whew! I am unloading like a moving truck over here…


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