My cat wants to be painted like one of those 'Fwench Guwls'.

On After a Lawsuit, Texas Hospital Finally Lets Marlise Munoz Go

Assuming the Munoz's had health care coverage, I wonder how likely the chances are that their medical claims will be denied...considering that most carriers probably won't cover expenses incurred after being declared dead.

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On A Relationship in Two Tiny Garments

$158 and $68 for what looks like two kleenexes stitched together? No thanks. And I do find it funny that the 'first date' romper costs more than twice what the 'last chance' "dress" does...as if by the time you get to the end, you're too worn out and tired to care anymore.

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On Ask an Adopted Person

@LilRedCorvette Growing up I had a Slavic last name (think something similar to Schwarzenegger) and when people would ask how I got that name being Korean, I would tell them my dad's nationality (obviously NOT Korean). They would just sort of look at me like "ok, that makes sense". Which makes no sense at all, but whatever.

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On Ask an Adopted Person

I, too was adopted from S. Korea at about the same age (born in Seoul, left in a place where someone would find me). As far back as I can remember, I've never felt the great urge to have kids of my own. I just sort of assumed that if the desire came over me, I'd adopt. The point that you made about not feeling that biological bond that people often speak of really hit the nail on the head for me. I felt deep down (and worried) that if I had kids, I wouldn’t like them and would feel some sort of disconnect (doesn’t help that I’m not crazy about being around kids). I know people say it’s different when you have your own (no one has EVER said to me that they didn’t feel that way), so I appreciate that you were honest enough to say it wasn’t like that for you (because I think society has a tendency to play up the ‘oh I’m so in love with my baby’ mentality that anything differing from that is either abnormal or there’s something wrong with the mother). It’s not exactly something that you can undo if you find you don’t like it (but then again, neither is adoption).

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On Farewell, Jane

Oh, the HORROR!! You got me to try doing my hair and makeup like a Elizabeth Taylor (and I'm Korean!). Please tell me your next endeavor will be as a youtube beauty guru because that would be freakin' awesome. Oh, how I weep with sadness. :`(

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@Emmanuelle Cunt

I try not to buff nail splits too much. They look nice at first but as the shine wears away, those microscopic edges where the nail is split just start peeling again.

My other must have advice? Don't do dishes (or any major cleaning-type tasks) without wearing gloves. Dish soap, after all, is made to strip grease off dishes. It will do the same to the skin on your hands and strip all natural moisture out of your nails. Healthy skin (esp cuticles) aid in growing healthy nails. And soaking nails for long periods in water(especially with cleaning chemicals) softens them and makes them more prone to breaking. A 5 minute shower is one thing. Scrubbing yesterday's egg yolk off the stovetop, rinsing dishes, and washing down the counter is another.

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On How Does Your Fair Compare?

Ok, so I've never been to a state fair, but when I read or hear about butter carvings, I always think of this song by Heywood Banks.


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On Math Song Friendly But Firm

Also? Terrible ear worm. ♪♫♪three second ruu-uuu-uuule!♪♫♪

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On Math Song Friendly But Firm

That makes me want to jab hot rusty forks in my ears. She reminded me of Lindsay Rappaport from OLTL (heavy eyeliner and frosty lipstick included). Guess have to thank my old boss--I would never have made that connection if my old she hadn't watched soaps while we were working.

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On How Gel Nail Polish Changed Manicures

Seche Vite says to put it on over wet nail polish. I don't really do this because it's a pain to paint each finger with color and follow immediately with topcoat.

I will say this though--Seche Vite will shrink back along the edges from some polishes when it dries and the only way to combat that is to be sure to completely encapsulate the polish with the SV (basically make sure the topcoat goes past all the edges of the nail color), and swipe it along the free edge and under the tip of the nail.

Other than that though, it's THE best fast drying topcoat I have ever used (and I used to be a die hard Sally Hansen Insta-Dri fan but quit using it because of bubbling).

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