On Dates and Dates

@redheaded&crazy dibs dude at least would save you a parking spot in all this snow...

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On Name That Book!

@Julie Called Birdy I can only assume you wish you were named Catherine. I loved the shit out of that book as a kid...

But no, I got nothing on your unknown books :C

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On What I Learned at the Family Tree Center

@LeafySeaDragon The best rraccciiiissstttt family trees are the ones where a section of the tree is just...gone. Wiped out, scratched out, dead ended. We're not part-Black if we've disavowed all knowledge of it! Apparently my partner's Texans-all-the-way-down family tree looks like this in places.

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On The Gallery of Lost Art

This is just going to make me sad, isn't it. :C

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On Memories of Austen and "Pride and Prejudice"

I got into High School with an entrance essay on Pride and Prejudice.

So there! I guess.

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On Inside Ebony/Jet

trufax: I passed the Ebony Jet building as a first, second and third year, and it wasn't until my fourth year of college that my new-to-the-city boyfriend looks out the bus window and says, "oh, that's the publishing headquarters of Ebony and Jet!"

Because for three years I assumed it was the old headquarters of a defunct airline called Ebony Jet.

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On I'll Have What He or She Is Having

@melis It doesn't NEED to be good. There are many pretty people on the screen, being snarky.

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On Today's Toy Lunch

Can we talk about how they gave Kaya an absolutely mortifying outfit??? And how they still haven't really figured out Black doll hair?
Shit, I was so pleased to have that Josefina doll, though.

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On Recipes

@Ham Snadwich Dude if you can find a European royalty who didn't marry a cousin or wasn't a fascist, I will happily eat whatever Neapolitan pizza gets named after them.

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On Recipes


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