By Judith Slutler on A to Z: Lesser-Known Hells

Oh man, thank you for the clinical depression cheerer-upper one. But I actually think I would personally prefer for them to continue living a completely normal life, except that each day they're awoken by a freezing cold hailstorm right above their bed and then run shivering into the kitchen to see that the fridge is empty and there's no coffee. Then they try to get in the shower, but realize that the shower drain is clogged with thick hair that's not their hair color. Then they look into their wardrobe and see that none of their clothes are clean except for their junior prom dress / tux. Then they realize they need to get their bed dried off from the sudden indoor hailstorm before that evening, even if they are pretty sure there will be another one tomorrow morning. And they can't call in sick to work or ask anyone to help them out with their food / laundry / apartment situation, because the only answer will be CHEER UP! HAHAHAHA NONE OF THAT SOUNDS LIKE A BIG DEAL, JUST POWER THROUGH IT!

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By Tafadhali on Every Meal Almanzo Eats in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy

1) Almanzo was hotter than Channing Tatum, but like hopelessshade above I'd also thought he was Hispanic (like me!) when I was a kid.

2) Maybe this is why Farmer's Boy was my favorite Laura Ingalls Wilder book. (That and I always liked the odd one out in a series when I was a kid.)

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By Interrobanged on Telling Tegan and Sara Apart

Oh man, all of a sudden I am in a time machine back to 2009 when I had a shitty job that summer and watched endless T & S videos, and when I came home from work I would curl up in my (actual, literal) closet and listen to "Nineteen" while being nineteen, and cry.

But this is actually perfect.

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By adorable-eggplant on If '90s Dude-Crushes Were Food

@SuperGogo I did. Although my main squeeze from the 90s was Denzel as Don Pedro (as a super-nerd and lover of older men), so much so that I just spent 15 minutes trying to find this scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFouXO9hIbE OH MY GOD it still makes my ears warm.

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By Reginal T. Squirge on Jim Behrle Wants to Know

@Jim Behrle@twitter

It's always a good idea to take a way a woman's options until she has no choice but to be close to you.

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By lucy snowe on Get This Look: David Bowie

@Lucienne Step 1- Release the tiger.

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By sony_b on Did the Security Guard Do It? Maybe.

I just went to a Dutch masters exhibit at the deYoung in San Francisco (http://girl.famsf.org/) and was 2/3 of the way through the thing before I realized that "van Rijn" was Rembrandt, and I felt like a doofus. Like, I walked up to a painting that I knew was Rembrandt, saw the credit and was confused, then looked back at the other stuff on the walls, and let out a very loud "OH!". Good artist, that guy.

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By R&RKD on First Pages of Fake Lifetime Movies: 'Refill'

Also, does everyone agree that "defining" means "most blogged about"? I mean, I thought that's what "defining" meant, but then some people told me it means something different.

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By laurel on Horror and Loss in Glamorous Hollywood

For a while there, in my So Cali girlhood, I thought for sure that punk and DIY were going to fix so many things.

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By Faintly Macabre on First Pages of Fake Lifetime Movies: 'Parent-Teacher'

I loved this (so much like my high school "movie" scripts!) except for the inclusion of a Mr. Ries anywhere near a school. My evil, sent-from-hell biology teacher in high school was also a (not-handsome) Mr. Ries, and I actually shuddered when I read the name here.

(I'm not suggesting that there be a Ries trigger warning. If someone could just erase the existence of that name from the internet and my memory, that would be sufficient--no need to bother anyone else.)

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