On No Country for Old Miley: Cormac McCarthy Describes the Video for "Wrecking Ball"

Ha! Beautiful. That is all.

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On The Sexual History of Jared Sabbagh, Part 1

@Sea Ermine I used to work at a Major National Magazine targeted to women, and we wrote about sex and desire all the time. I was *constantly* trying to get stories in there about women who had high sex drives, straight women with higher sex drives than their male lovers/partners, etc...but I got shot down every time. Nobody believed me--they all insisted that men's sex drives were "Naturally" higher. It's still such a deep taboo, at least in the US. Denying that this pattern exists causes huge problems, because the women feel like freaks, and the men feel like failures.

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@mabellegueule ha ha you have F/M/K with Black Eyed Peas songs!! I would kill My Humps. There's not one I'd marry, but I wouldn't kick "Shut up" out of bed.

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

Oh, are we talking about stuff that is crappy but we like, or stuff we really just hate? I like a lot of crappy stuff but James Taylor makes me want to poke my eyes out. The aggressive mellowness!!! Needless to say, I had a college housemate who LOVED James Taylor. Particularly at about 7.30 AM.

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On Beauty Q&A: Hair Products -- Why So Many?

@Vicky Johnson layers also help for me. But it annoys me that I have to wash every day, or it gets horribly limp. Like Janice in the Muppets! I tried to teach it to de-grease by washing it every other day, but it didn't seem to help. On the upside, it *is* shiny, at least for about 2-3 hours after I wash it.

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On Beauty Q&A: Hair Products -- Why So Many?

@Vicky Johnson Yes! Because none of this thoughtful advice applies to those of us with fine, straight hair. Leave-in conditioner is a disaster, as is that weird beach-in-a-bottle stuff. We do not get frizz or split ends! Advice for those of us who tend toward the lanky and stringy, beyond just having short hair, please.

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On Brief Interview With a Tiger

@gobblegirl Maybe "hybrid vigor"? I have no idea if that is actually why, just love the dirty-sounding phrase.

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On On Adding or Keeping Distances

@YoungMrGrace About LW1....what's the common denominator in these two unsatisfying, difficult relationships? It's LW1! Not that she's a horrible person, but there's a pattern here, as my old wise shrink woulda said, annoyingly and correctly. As she backs away slowly from both of them, she might also want to think about her own motives for getting close with both of these damaged-sounding people, in the hopes of not repeating. I've been there with the weird clingy friends! And it took a while for me to recognize my part in it. (see previous reference to wise, annoyingly correct shrink.)

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On Lies, Kissing Biblically, and Translucent Officewear

@jenny_ When did nipples become so OMG shameful? We all got 'em, we all turn our headlights on now and then, big deal. Old Office Guy would probably be horrified (or secretly turned on, which is worse!). Just learn to ignore, is my vote.

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On Horrible Things to Do to a Perfectly Good Online Recipe for Plain Irish Soda Bread

@yrouttasight An Irish goodbye. (sorry!)

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