On 32 Competent Things Men Do That We Find Sexual, Ranked

I feel like this list isn't getting as much love as it deserves so just wanted to say that I really appreciate it.

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On The Ultimate Guide To Wearing A Jumpsuit

@Miss B I didn't learn that trick until a few years ago and now that I have I think it's incredible but yeahI don't think it's a universal thing.

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On The Boy is Mine

this was so good.

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On Hysteria and Teenage Girls

Agreed with everyone else - this was fantastic!

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On How Do You Get Shit Done?

I know have post-its on my laptop: "is this distraction worth your time?" and "just fucking do it," so lets hope they help!

I do wish you had a broader pool of people to ask, as much as I appreciated this column and answers, I would have liked to hear from people who do work other than writing.

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On Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

I didn't realize you wrote that New Yorker piece, Jazmine!!! I LOVED it!!!

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On How To Change Your Name In 41 Easy Steps

Lost it at #29+30. And yeah, just more reasons to never change my name if/when I get married.

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On Notes From A Future Shitbag Mother

As certain as I am that I do not want kids (the list of reasons is endless and overlaps with some of your thoughts!), I have often wondered what kind of mother I'd be and think it'd be interesting to see how a child of mine would turn out. Of course, having a kid because of that guinea-pig-curiousity is actually just another reason why I shouldn't!

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On A Conversation Amongst Me, Taylor Swift, and Langston Hughes, About Being 22

so amazing

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On A Scenic Guide to Your Abnormal Pap Smear

Ahhh!!! I have had so many abnormal paps. And then I've had biopsies, and HOLY SHIT THEY HURT and I always pass out afterwards. But pro tip: coughing as they snip off your cervix helps with the pain (I swear). So anyway what I was told is that being a smoker can lead to abnormal paps - I used to be a heavy constant over a pack a day smoker and I was also having lots of sex at the time but once I quit smoking the paps stopped being abnormal. Either, the HPV cleared or smoking really lead to a false positive. Anyway I do want to get Gardasil but I ain't sweating it anymore because my last few paps have all been fine. /storytime

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