On Do You Suffer From Bitchy Resting Face?

My people! I too have one of these faces! I can't help it! It's just that my mouth turns down!

(And I exclaim about it in frustration, every time it comes up!)

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On Friday Open Thread

@likethestore I may chop all mine off soon, too. Ugh, the summer, and my laziness about long hair maintenance... I've chopped it off into a short bob several times before at various life stages and it always feels great.

And FWIW multiple awesome straight dudes have told me they prefer short hair on ladies. Also one of my exes was vehemently against my cutting my long hair short at one point, like against it in what I can see now was a juiceboxy way, but after I got it cut he admitted it was "a triumph."

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On Friday Open Thread

Another morale-destroying work week! This time including crying at my desk, feeling weak and stupid, then panicking in case anyone walked in, and then crushing embarrassment when someone did in fact walk in on me when I hadn't really recovered/blotted the dribbles of mascara off my cheeks yet.

I can't wait to sit in the sun and drink a cocktail this weekend, y'all. Oh and get a new job.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Robert Redford, Golden Boy

What about Redford in The Natural? Seeing that movie in a theater when I was a kid had a weirdly profound effect on me.

Re-watching it as an adult I was struck by how he doesn't actually say very much (part of his character of course) but physically seems to carry the movie, like some sort of hazy golden vision of mistakes and loss. Also, realizing that he has strikingly long legs.

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On Friday Open Thread

@MilesofMountains Sounds like a hybrid might suit you? I have one that I love -- it's zippy on roads and handles well on trails. Mine (a several-years-old Bianchi camaleonte) is basically a frame like a road bike, with slightly bigger tires and flat handlebars with uncomplicated gearing.

ETA: and what others say above: definitely try one out at a store!

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On Friday Open Thread

I am going to Baltimore next week and I'm excited to visit! Baltimoreans, I welcome your tips for things to see, neighborhoods to wander around, thrift stores to check out, dive bars to drink in!

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On Friday Open Thread

@funfetti "Hung Up On My Baby," by Isaac Hayes.

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On A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

Hello I am a video still brought to you by Robyn and Diplo.
Also, I take the bus to town, I sit in the back and talk to no one.

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On Friday Open Thread

@raised amongst catalogs So much sympathy. I was in almost this exact situation, and hid it from my family and most people except y'all, and ugh. It sucked.

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On Friday Open Thread

@lora.bee I too will subscribe to this thread. I initiated a breakup of my LTR awhile ago, because things had been wrong for years, and I'm still feeling conflicted and shitty about that -- he convinced me to try a second chance (involving counseling) after a break of a few months, so we are now on said break. Combined with this I developed Feelings for someone else I know, feelings that I know are reciprocated but that can never be acted on, at least as the situation currently stands. It's all sorts of awful. So I cut off contact with that dude too.
And now here I am, ain't got nobody, confused about everything, feeling like crap and drinking too much.

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