By lucy snowe on The Burglar Wore a Straw Fedora: An Illustrated Guide to My Missing Stuff

@stuffisthings Did you know Panama hats are actually made in Ecuador?

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By Emby on Friday Open Thread

@dephlogisticated ?

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By Nutellaface on Other Rolling Stone Covers


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By Judith Slutler on The Best Time I Accidentally Attended a Teenage Orgy

@Jaya Back in the day when guys in baggy jeans and gothy bowling shirts were attractive because they were the ones putting some effort into their look

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By phipsi on Friday Open Thread

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Much love to you!

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By RNL on "What Does #YOLO Mean to You?" Is Now a College Essay Prompt

@yeah-elle I used to read entrance essays for my alma mater. The years I got the kids in the science stream were the WORST. "This picture looks sad. That is why I want to be a doctor, because sick people are sad. I would be a great doctor because I am smart and people-oriented. My experience as a volunteer at the hospital that one time leads me to believe I would be a good doctor."

Holy shit, yolo kid.

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By RNL on "What Does #YOLO Mean to You?" Is Now a College Essay Prompt





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By Tuna Surprise on Guess the Disney Movie

@sarah girl
On the way to your new home, your family gets lost and ends up in an abandoned amusement park where your parents get turned into pigs while eating the buffet. You become an indentured servant at a bath house in the spirit world. A mysterious stranger guides you. You help a surly spirit get cleaned up. You break the spell on the mysterious stranger and your parents. Turns out, the stranger is really a river and you almost drowned in him once. The end.

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By professionalmess on A Very American Open Thread

@nowwhat Not nearly as complex (my stuff was in 3 places but in the same state), but I moved mostly across the country a few months ago to an apartment I had never seen in a city I'd never been to, and drove for 3 days with my parents and not only did no one get murdered, my apartment turned out to be fine and my neighbor helpped carry up the couch which was impossibly heavy and it's mostly going alright. Good luck!

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By panther on A Very American Open Thread

@nowwhat I successfully moved cross-country with my boyfriend with no place to stay lined up when we arrived - we camped in a nearby campground until we found an apartment and it was actually quite nice! That said, it was summer, and we didn't have any furniture or anything that required a moving van...so maybe that's not too helpful? Good luck, it sounds exciting!

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