On A Very American Open Thread

@lobsterhug Ugh wedge sneakers! They make me think the Mean Girls thing of, "Stop trying to make [wedge sneakers] happen! It's not going to happen!"

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On A Very American Open Thread

So I got a new job (yay!) and now am planning a cross-country move. This is on balance a good thing, however my stuff is currently stored in three places, each at least a state apart from one another, and I am like a deer in the headlights when it comes to planning the logistics of getting it all consolidated and sent to an apartment that I haven't even found yet. Does anyone want to share any cautionary tales, or tales of success with doing something like this?

I am also having a lot of feels about Big Life Changes happening at a head-spinning clip... oof.

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

Mine is probably "Come on Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners. I can never admit this to my friends since somehow they all love this band... but that song (and their music in general) drives me up the wall!

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@emmab For me it's Eagle Eye Cherry and Third Eye Blind...

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On Ask a Glutton: Your Perfect Dinner Party

@fondue with cheddar It's "The Dinner Party" by Judy Chicago. More here: http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/dinner_party/

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On Friday Open Thread

@Bette: Sparkles for Everyone Whoa! Did it have "Ass 'n Titties" on it? That, along with "Baby Got Back" (of course) were the first Butts that came to mind. Now I want to make this Butt Songz Mix dream into a reality.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Judith Slutler Seconded! The Daptone Gold collection is great to start with.

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On Friday Open Thread

Further to that thread about summer jamz from the other week, I can't stop listening to "Bubble Butt." And then I think about the other songs out there about butts, and wonder if there are enough to make a mix of just butt-related music.

Probably, I dunno. Butts!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emby My particular (non-profit) field is usually super slow about responding, even if they want to interview you. This is probably not the case in fields where time is more obviously money... For example, it was 6 months between when I applied for my current job and when I actually started work. In that span of time, I applied for, was interviewed and hired at a part-time job (my second part-time job), which I then left when I got the full-time offer.

It helps a lot to mentally move on, as supernintendochalmers says -- now each time I punt out a resume into the ether, I get a mental image of it flapping off a balcony, never to be seen again. (I don't know why flying? and off a balcony? But there it is.) Usually I manage to forget about it, then if they call me it's a pleasant surprise.

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On Friday Open Thread

I am getting my hair chopped off tomorrow! I haven't had short hair in about 4 years, so it'll be a big change that I hope makes me feel better since my self-image has really sucked lately.

Also, I made up my mind to cut it off about a week ago, and weirdly it has been behaving much better than usual. It's like IT KNOWS.

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