On Reading Between the Texts: The Best/Worst Texts We Got This Year

"You can’t just always ask people questions you want their answers to!" Yes. I always forget this. Textssss ugh

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On What It Sounds Like Your Coworker's Eating: A Gchat Log

this is. my. life.

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On The Beginning of the Next Resident Evil Movie

This is just really hilariously ridiculous if you DO speak French.

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On It Gets Worse

YES survival books!! Z for Zachariah anyone? I think it's the reason I continue to have apocalyptic dreams to this day

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On It Gets Worse

@Linette Well, when you put it that way.

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On 309 Days of Unanswered Texts

@Danzig! this happened to me last week, where i got broken up with by my boyfriend of x years and tried desperately to reach my friend with 3 calls, a voicemail and a text. i was convinced she hated me and just didn't want to hear my shit. turns out she was in a part of her building that gets no service and she didn't receive any of it. when are we going to get cell phones to work all the time so that these weird social in betweens don't happen?

good luck & don't give up on her yet.

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On On Quickie Weddings and Frustrating Fantasies

@geekspice agreed, i don't know if i just read too much dear prudence (she's ALWAYS suggesting that people who have suddenly developed strong, offensive opinions have developed some mental condition) but that was my first thought! in any case, worth thinking about if there are any other related signs.

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On The Day My Shrink Told Me to Change My Personality

@Mame Dennis-Pickett-Burnside i have this problem too! i have been so pleasantly surprised by people being earnest with me that i decided to become more earnest; but then it felt out of place in the sarcastic social world i operate in, so i hedged back gradually to way too much sarcasm, and now i just fluctuate uncomfortably between these two poles: earnest naked heart, bitter snappy sass-afrass.

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On The Best Time I Went on a Candida Cleanse

@boysplz I actually was really hoping this was going to be an article about cleansing my body of being a recurrent yeast infection machine.

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On Some Incredible Men

@anachronistique yes, thank you! it's been kind of driving me crazy that it's all over my facebook feed, even though it's a great article and should be read widely. shared it on google+ when i read it but not like anyone saw that... *zing*

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