By Jazmine on Weekend Roundup

@talie Hi! Yes! So, right now: I am working full-time at good ol' NYMag and in the morning and at night with the Hairpin, so I haven't had a ton of time to dedicate to the spam comments-- which sucks, because this is my job now!-- but I ABHOR them and I promise to you that I will dedicate my life to eradicating them, protecting you from the likes of "NAME@FACEBOOK" and magic pills that'll get yr husband back and scary links that I'm afraid to click on. It is my solemn vow.

(I feel like a politician?!!?! Don't vote for me)

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By Diana on Reading Between the Texts: Is THIS Flirting?

This is my favorite column. Like, can we all pressure Katie Heaney to get an OKCupid account and go on questionable dates so she can analyze more terrible conversations? I mean that would be cruel and exploitative but it would bring me such delight.

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By bunB on Welcome, xoVain

Speaking of Janes and beauty, where is Jane Marie lately?

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By supernintendochalmers on Welcome, xoVain

I don't know... I'm not such an XOJane fan to begin with, but I don't really get their decision to make the beauty section a larger entity, besides potential revenue from selling products to us like every other women's magazine. Am I being too cynical?

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By Nicole Cliffe on Welcome, xoVain

I was re-reading "Emily of New Moon," because I am a child, and Emily is telling Aunt Elizabeth about leafing through her friend's dad's medical books (it's, like, the late 19th century), and Aunt Elizabeth is all ZOMG YOUNG WOMEN DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE INSIDES OF BODIES, and maybe she was right.

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By Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood on Welcome, xoVain

dang i thought this was an xojane burn

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By OxfordComma on An Ode to the Diva Cup

@Girl Named Jack : Augh, and when it actually splorches UP YOUR BACK????

Fucking uterus.

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By Hurricanoes on An Ode to the Diva Cup

@SeaMoney That little fabric bag was damn useless and came apart pretty quick. After 8 years of use I have gotten pretty un-finicky about all things cup related (see above dropping in toilet, giving up on boiling, etc), so at home I let it dry on a counter edge or reasonably clean spot in a bathroom cabinet and then just kind of forget about it in the back of the cabinet for a month. Traveling, it floats around in my toiletries bag, communing quietly with my toothpaste and contact case until I need it, or gets packed amongst undies and a few cloth pantyliners.

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By maxine of arc on An Ode to the Diva Cup

But the best part is that if you have a really heavy flow, which does NOT let up at night despite what every other woman seems to experience, you can go to bed with your cup in and sleep through the night without changing it. And you don't have to wear an elaborately constructed pad diaper. Not that I'd know anything about that. Just saying.

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By Nicole Cliffe on An Ode to the Diva Cup

I just want to be able to take my uterus out at will until I want another fucking kid, you know? It is the worst design. It is a PT Cruiser.

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