On Self-Care, in Theory and Practice

@Noelle O'Donnell 100% on the garlic train. I get chronic-vagina-everything :( and when I go to the doctor, they always ask me what I do for my symptoms; garlic is the hardest to explain, most health care practitioners haven't heard of it & i have to kind of suggest what... gets... done with it. BUT GARLIC FTW

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On Female New York Post Writer Feels Differently Than Other Women

@LilyB The level of street comments I have gotten dropped dramatically as soon as I moved to Chicago, besides a brief period of time when the el was under construction For Literally Ever and I had to walk down certain streets in summer garb.

The most brazen I've gotten in the last two years was this past week when a man on a bicycle said, "How about you? What are your hidden talents? Other than being gorgeous?" It's true that men are the ones who say hello in my neighborhood (clearly there's a reason for that), but thankfully it hasn't escalated to comments on my body (yet) and I'm thankful for that. Some pre-teens asked me if I had a boyfriend, once, also. This is relatively innocuous compared to past experiences in other cities.

I don't live in the nicest part of town, either. My impression is it IS partly a Chicago thing!

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On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

this song is the worst. but this takedown is THE BEST.

and eff these @facebook haters who hate this hating. dudes, hating on pop songs is like the #2 reason pop songs exist.

and thank you for making screenshots of the video so my curiosity didn't get the better of me and lead me to actually listen to this song voluntarily.

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On A Girl and a Good Wife

"You don't have to have children to be a grown-ass woman, but you must have experienced some kind of existential reckoning. Being grown-ass requires both an acceptance and a surrender of self."

That existential reckoning is the thing I've been trying to put my finger on since I crossed that gauntlet. Thank you for that.

(This is coming from someone who comes out of the same liberal arts perspective as Dunham — who worries about student loans and has always cared about health insurance — which is to say that not all twentysomething women behave like Hannah, but many live out similar quandaries; you can still be a good person, and nicer to your friends than she is, while having low stakes sex and sometimes, in moments of weakness, as we all do, asking for validation. You may even cross that existential reckoning if the cards don't go as you imagined them to. Life is hard. I wish the modern world didn't make it so hard to grab hold of something, and I wish more older women extended a helping hand instead of hating on us for modern sexual culture.)

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On We're All Jerks

@Cat named Virtute this is true & well articulated & something i've felt too. the moment of 'oh my god, this website is my mind & i love that all these cool ladies write about things i think about,' which then moves into 'oh. they think about it like me, but also, like me, have no real conclusions about where to go.'
i'm basically ok with it, & still a fan & liked this piece a lot, but there is something to be said for seizing the opportunity to address a larger audience and how that might call for going 'further,' as you say.

BUT ALSO, the irony of this is that it is not the most positive response, so. SORRY. i liked this piece! we ARE all jerks.

this also just makes me think of parker posey as the professional shot girl. anyone?

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On The Just Admit You're Pregnant Pie

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Book clubbb! I like that your book club drinks wine at book club. Mine meets in the (late) morning but we often have a beer anyway!

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On "Alice Munro Updated Her Cover Photo"

I'm just so happy about this. It's rare that a Nobel Prize in anything gets awarded that feels so true & heartfelt to me. Just sayin'. Write on, ladies, write on.

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On Gemini Season, 1970

@Jinxie my birthday's this thursday too! happy hairpin birthdayyyyyyys

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On Before Too Long, Everyone You Know Will Be Named Emma

wtf vermont!

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On Reading Between the Texts: Is THIS Flirting?

@antipretty so glad somebody else quoted this most perfect line so that i don't have to
<3u reading between the texts!!

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