On Beauty Q&A: Remember Crystal Gayle?

@breccia Okay, so subquestion, what is a "grownup hairdo"? I'm 27 and I feel like I've had a lot of haircuts and the problem doesn't cease. Bangs? No bangs? Long? Medium? Short? It probably involves using PRODUCTS of some kind, right?

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On Drynuary Halfpoint Check-In

I wasn't really formally doing this, but so far this January I've only had one drink (and it was to celebrate something really special so I'm fine with it). But omg, that study saying that people should not drink 2-3 times a week?? That's like those articles saying it's healthy to not eat meat for one meal a day. I cannot imagine how gross I would feel if I lived the way those articles are implying is normal.

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On They Need to Do Way Instain Mother

@klemay It's from one of the best things on the internet:


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On "A Fairy Tale Is Not a Text"

It is BLOWING MY MIND that there are editions of the Jumblies with non-Edward Gorey illustrations. And that one of them is BETTER????

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On Have You Voted Yet, Are You About to Vote, When Are You Voting

@Elsajeni Hahaha but the sad truth is that there will always be something. As long as Hawthorne has streetcorners, there will be aggressive young white people with clipboards. My only strategy is to wear giant headphones and refuse to make eye contact.

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On Have You Voted Yet, Are You About to Vote, When Are You Voting

@Springtime for Voldemort Oh, yeah, no articles, but do you not get voter guides in the mail where you are? My state (Oregon, and I think Washington did the same when I was there) sends out a big booklet that has statements from all the candidates and arguments for and against all the ballot measures, and it would be really impossible without that.

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On Have You Voted Yet, Are You About to Vote, When Are You Voting

@Springtime for Voldemort Judges are also nonpartisan here (and everywhere I guess) so I usually look at who's endorsed them, and extrapolate from there. This year I had to decide between an older white guy with a lot of experience who was endorsed by a lot of liberal-leaning people, and a younger lesbian woman who seems a little more conservative (or at least pro-business). I wanted to support the gay lady but ultimately I went for the older guy.

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On What Are You Doing Tomorrow?

@TheclaAndTheSeals I AM JUDGING.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Although, the "older end of the spectrum" were still college students, right? My anecdotal/gut/hopeful feeling is that after dudes get into the real world they tend to calm down with that kind of nonsense, but who even knows.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

@all the bacon and eggs I laughed out loud when I saw that the study was on undergrads. I feel like the article should have concluded with "DUH!"

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