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On A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood I am Cuban feminist installation artist Ana Mendieta. I make stunning in situ sihouettes, rub blood on walls and enjoy wearing mustaches made of spirit gum and the trimmed tips of my friend Morty's hair. I would comment approximately three times more than I actually do, but I keep forgetting my Hairpin password.

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On What's On Your Locker Door?

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On What's On Your Locker Door?

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On What's On Your Locker Door?

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On Friday Open Thread

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheLetterL I'm 32 and even though recently stuff has been not going so well (hard to find a job in a new city, got rejected by dream graduate school, boyfriend being commitmentphobic lightweight dick etc) I actually love being in my 30's. I'm learning that even when external circumstances kick my ass, I still feel more grounded and good about myself than I ever did in my 20's, when external things were generally going great. It's like, it took all this time to get resolute in my own awesomeness, or something like that... I notice this with many of my female friends in our 30's, it's as though we woke up one day with a deep knowing that we don't have time to fixate on the stories others tell us about ourselves. I think for women (and in our cases, queer women of color) this knowledge is medicine and miracle, and it seems to get stronger with more and more years on earth. *Plus, as my homie says, the 30's are bomb because we are old enough to know better but still young enough to get into some dumb shit when we feel like it.* Happy birthday! The 30's are the BIDNESS!!! :)

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On If '90s Dude-Crushes Were Food

Benjamin Bratt on Law & Order= frybread taco, a limon agua fresca and a few sips of your older brother's beer.
Ted from Hey Dude: The burnt marshmallow goo that goes on top of sweet potatoes, but not including the sweet potatoes.
Fred Savage: Chicken nuggets but with a dipping concoction that you made out of packets of bbq sauce, ranch and honey dijon so you feel like it's something special all your own.
Joshua Jackson: Pastrami with excellent pickles and a soda water.
James Van Der Beek: Movie nachos with far too few jalapenos and a long strand of someone else's hair stuck in the cheese.

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On Paying Your Share and When You Can't

@stuffisthings Or like in Cali (or at least the Bay & LA, where I lived and live) where we pay about 9.75% sales tax, so you just gotta at least double that amount for tip. Basically, that "I don't understand the mathy part, life and tipping is so hard for me" should never fly here. My other friend just says "Two bucks for every ten spent, you asshole."

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On Current and Proposed DVR Recording Options for 'Law and Order: SVU'

-Record only if Big Boi/Antwan Andre Patton/Sir Lucious Left Foot, Son of Chico Dusty gets eaten by a hyena.

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On The Bestworst Guy

@katiemcgillicuddy As lightweight ashamed as I am to admit it, for those of us who get boners for "bien callejero" dudes this totally makes sense. :/

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