On Disrupters, Disconnectionists, and Dicks

This perfectly captures my feelings about the documentary and show; instead of stepping back like a true journalist and finding some true deep conclusion about human connection, you get the uncomfortable feeling that the only purpose is to further Nev himself.

But even that plays in to my fascination with the show (this is coming from someone who is a big fan of the dry portraits of scam artists on American Greed and the tacky criminal schemes on 20/20). He doesn't realize it but the show is also showcasing his own flaws...

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On Abstinent Nation

This was so fascinating. There are many many reasons offered in the article for the sharp decline in sex marriage and relationships, but to me the biggest lesson was "treat your women with opportunity and respect". If the math doesn't add up for a woman to get married and pop out kids, it ain't gonna happen.

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On Film Programming for the Bedroom

@null upvoooote, sexy vintage political intrigue with an NC-17 rating

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On "The digital porn guy wants a fantasy that doesn’t exist, but the postfeminist girl wants one as well"

Don Jon was great, though
-it gently equated porn to unrealistic rom-coms. Really? The occasional romantic movie with some improbable male lead is equal to an internet filled with women getting their faces cummed on? False.
-Julianne Moore was entering older MPDG territory (a vessel for the male character to discover himself thru her whimsy) but the scene that really redeemed it for me was **SPOILERish** Juilanne's character sobbing on the steps of a house while JGL calmly waited it out. That felt real nice. And yes their sex scene is all kinds of long nightdress hot.

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On Goodbye For Now, Giant Panda Cam

@turnipgreens thank you for this idea. I just donated to WIC in San Francisco (SFGHF? Not sure if this is the right place but hey) to feel like I have a tiny bit of control over the chaos.

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On Wherefore Art Thou, Sex Scenes?

I immediately disagree with this list because I looooooved the sex scene in the Matrix Reloaded.

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On This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

I had a friend who's parents were "european'. They kind of taught me, more so than my parents, that a credit card is a month long loan and that carrying debt is BAD and paying in cash is GOOD. guess who paid off her student loans at age 26 and never carries a credit card balance? THIS GIRL. (but then again, guess who has ZERO savings or safety net?? THIS GIRL......)

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On The Best Things Christian Women Told Me About Sex This Year

and me reading The Woman's Bible by Elizabeth Cady Stanton....

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On Our Pregnant Week

@Nadine Friedman@facebook , these things MUST be personal and in your own control, not interfered with in any way or in any direction by clueless politicians. reading about your turmoil just further proves how complex and fiercely intimate events like this are. thanks again for your story, and sorry you went through such stress :/

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On Our Pregnant Week

I can no longer read these types of articles without making them political. it's because I am terrified to the core of my being that Republicans will gain enough power to turn these kind of personal female narratives—that play out in many different shades all day every day—into a Christian/Puritanical/Legal gameshow, where women lose.

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