By tealily on The Best Things I Learned About Vinegar This Year

It is a lovely hair conditioner as well. And great for soaking in in the bath.

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By DorothyMantooth on Save the Date, NYC: August 25

@Jolie Kerr Oh, I'm anticipating some Qream will be sneaked in for MASS QREAMING. #GROSS

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By jamie schuh on Save the Date, NYC: August 25

I am basically a lurker, but I am coming and bringing my other lurking friend. And my cat.

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By on What Has Gray Hair and Is 26?

I have them, I dye them. Seriously, this is not that big of a deal.

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By wallsdonotfall on What Has Gray Hair and Is 26?

@Jaime Green, agreed. Gray hair, premature or otherwise, is incredibly attractive to me. (Not just because I have three at 23!)

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By Lauren_O'Neal on Make Your Own Semi-Functional Hairstyling Products

@Jaime Green It does rinse out in warm water, no shampoo or other cleaning agents required. For some reason the flax gunk is hard to clean out of a pot if you let it dry, but comes out of your hair really easily. Science...or magic?

I didn't have any problem with bugs, even outside, and I live in a hot, humid, buggy area.

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By rien à dire on How to Quit Shampoo Without Becoming Disgusting

@foxinthesnow With the hot water rinse, you are supposed to scrub your scalp with your fingernails, and that should get rid of sweat and grime. Following with the apple cider vinegar rinse with help tone down any smell (and the vinegar scent will fade as your hair dries, I promise). If you have any greasy patches when your hair is dry, you can use cornstarch or a sulfate-free dry shampoo to absorb those.

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By Tailfeather on Deafening Tampons, Spring Breakers, and the 26-Year-Old Virgin

@jaimealyse Can I also please say that I have been on the other side of this, in that a cute 19-year-old boy I shagged in my dorm after some drinks and poor decision-making revealed after the fact that it was actually his first time? Now, I'm not saying that he HAD to tell me, but it felt pretty deceptive. I would have handled it differently (PS: I could totally tell he wasn't very experienced. Unless you are an utterly oblivious asshole, it becomes pretty clear).

Because, let's be realistic: Sex is a big deal to Virgin. Which is cool! For some people, it's not, but it clearly is for her, else she would have done it before now. So I think she owes it to her first partner and herself to be honest, because it MIGHT be a significant emotional event for her, and she should be with someone who is both capable of managing that possibility and open to it. Potential damage limitation.

Finally, as you've both rightly pointed out, the first time can be physically uncomfortable (CAN be - not always - but it will feel weird at the very least!). Far better that Virgin's partner is aware of this fact and can be sensitive to it, with lots of communication. If something hurts or she doesn't like it, she can tell him. JUST TALK TO HIM. If he can't deal with the ish, he's not the right one.

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By MoonBat on Deafening Tampons, Spring Breakers, and the 26-Year-Old Virgin

@jaimealyse: I completely agree. If you like him enough to make him your first, chances are he likes you enough to both appreciate and take great care with BEING your first. And, having NOT done this myself the first time, with a much older dude who was into being, ahem, ROUGH, I speak from experience. Bloody, painful experience.

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By simone eastbro on Deafening Tampons, Spring Breakers, and the 26-Year-Old Virgin

dear 26 year old virgin,

darling, you are not mostly sexless. you've had a rich sex life. you are a sexual person. it just hasn't happened to involve anyone else.


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