On The Best Things I Learned About Vinegar This Year

@heyhaley I was going to reply, "Don't worry! It's just like kombucha!" But that squicked me out for a long time, too. It's pretty minor, though. You don't have to slurp the blob whole.

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On News in the World of Natural Deodorant

Maybe I'm a weirdo who only sweats from her face (MAKE IT STOP!!!) and keeps all her smelly bacteria in her sneakers, but I use J.A.S.O.N.'s tea tree oil deoderant from Whole Foods and it does me fine.

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On Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a Review

I've seen the trailer several times this summer, and it looks WAAAAY too sad for me. But also: doesn't the trailer contain the entire plot, start-to-finish?

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On You Should Vote in NPR's Sci-Fi/Fantasy Showdown

Wiser words have never been spoken than "ONLY DUNE AND THE NEXT ONE!!!"

The books are so potentially addictive, though, that even that may not be safe. "Only the first shoot-up [??] of heroin and the next one!!!" Yknow? But god, no matter how much you love that first book, you must have the willpower to stop.

Take if from a very disappointed 16-year-old me, and the 28-year-old who's still bitter.

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On Save the Date, NYC: August 25

@City_Dater Oryx & Crake & six-months shampoo-free & my mom thinks it's gross! LET'S DO THIS!

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On Raúl Esparza Singing "Defying Gravity"


Now where is Norbert Leo Butz singing something from Thoroughly Modern Millie, eh?

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On Real Proposal Stories

@JaffaCakes Okay here's what I don't understand - about the world, not just your story - if you were already looking at rings together, why was "do you still want to marry me?" a proposal?

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On Real Proposal Stories

@Katie Ritter Why haven't you proposed to him?

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On What Has Gray Hair and Is 26?

Damn, I think premature grey is gorgeous. I'm 28 and have *one* grey hair that I am so proud of. My boyfriend can never see it when I point it out. He reminds me that he's not gonna go grey for decades, and then I get sad.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Smelly, Scuffy, Dirty Shoes

Gah, this comment is going to get BURIED, but there are insoles you can get that help sockless shoes not get nasty! I have kinda sweaty feet, and can't wear ballet slippers without them. They are great! Summersoles.com. They sell them at drugstore.com, too.

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