generally useless.

By DH@twitter on [Maybe] Good Books That Defined You


Oh yes, Tammy is my go-to for rereading when I'm between library trips, am feeling depressed/angry/lonely, need a good laugh and/or cry, or really any other life event.

In all seriousness, my lifelong yearning to learn how to joust is probably directly attributable to Protector of the Small.

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By Ellie on [Maybe] Good Books That Defined You

@chicken&telephone Yes yes yes!

My favorite series is actually "Protector of the Small." I think Kel is the best female character in the entire realm of literature. Maybe she's a little too "good at everything"
but I cannot say enough good things about her as a role model for hard work and persistence. I actually used to re-read them in college as motivation to study hard. This is kind of embarrassing to say out loud.

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By adela on [Maybe] Good Books That Defined You

@Megano! I realized recently that I can't overstate how important those books were to my development. From the chivalry stuff (do the right thing! Even when you're tired and grumpy) to the way that the characters set and keep really long term goals, everything I recognize as a good quality to look for in myself and others probably came from that book.

My bad qualities came from other books entirely.

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By TheDragon on The Horse, Explained

I will say, favorite horse name ever was "Crack Cocaine" I didn't realize the thinking behind it until I rode him at a show, and was announced as "Number 1811, The Kendragon, on Crack Cocaine."
I was forcing back laughter so hard I think I nearly cracked all the ribs.

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@cherrispryte I just registered and think I am commenter number 41 (?). Unified commenting now please! Also I don't know how to behave outside the 'Pin.

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By EpWs on Welcome, The Billfold

Have been on the Billfold for all of five minutes and already diagnosed myself as a Middle Class Snack Kid. I feel like this website and I will get along.

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@Lily Rowan I registered as soon as possible, in the hopes of getting a low commenter number. I suspect the majority of my comments will be along the lines of "omg i'm so screwed".

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By Mike Dang on Lingerers, Admirers, and Silent Girl

@Megan Patterson@facebook Did someone call the Dang Police? Here I am. What seems to be the problem, ma'am?

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By Bambi on Beauty Q&A: Too Many Choices

Nars eyeshadow primer is the BOMB. I have creasy/greasy eyelids and my eyeshadow stays for at least 10 hours before I notice any missing patches. I also recommend, for people with dull lifeless skin, using Neutrogena's Clean & Clear salicylic acid gel. It removes all of the dead skin cells and makes your skin look fabulous (and I'm old, so the difference is noticeable). I use it twice a week, because I have dry skin, but you can use it every day, if it works for you.

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