On One-Piece Think Piece

@Heat Signature Whee! I was typing the same comment! *high five*

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On One-Piece Think Piece

@dj pomegranate ETA: nodding along thoughtfully because I think the first bit of the article does a decent--but not perfect--job of summarizing the current discussions between evangelicals and Christian feminists re: modesty.

And I just clicked through to read that the author is "managing editor of Christianity Today magazine." That final paragraph makes so much more sense now.

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On One-Piece Think Piece

I read this article and was nodding along thoughtfully until that last paragraph. Sure, individuals can choose to show more or less skin, depending on their comfort levels and their audience. Like, duh? But I totally agree with those that argue that "modesty/purity culture" is a sort of Rape Culture Lite--women are always "asking for it", aren't they?

It seems pretty damn obvious that no matter HOW women dress, someone, somewhere will find something scandalous about it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Judith Slutler I've only heard "birth week" or "birth month" said in a joking way. As in, "Let's get drinks tonight because it is your birthday!" "But my birthday was last week!" "It's your birth week! Drinks all around!"

Never, ever in the context of "I am not going to work because it is my birth week." Because that is absurd.

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On Friday Open Thread

@all you are all the best. Some of these things I did not think of! (Dark beer, yes. It is the last thing I want to drink now but I will want it later.) Please come visit me and we can drink all the things together.

I already have a bottle each of Hendriks and Dorothy Parker gins...I will probably just go overboard and get a London Dry as well. You can just never have too much gin.

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On Friday Open Thread

@garli PIMMS. I can't believe that did not occur to me. I think the costco vodka is a good idea, and Cointreau.

Generally we like cocktails that are a bit boozy and have a fruit/citrus kick (rather than mostly fruity with a booze kick, like pina coladas or whatever) . I bought a bunch of whiskey and rum, which are just always good ideas. But other than that I'm having a hard time thinking through how much of any one thing I drink.

@jazloon I don't think I've ever had Disaronno? My curiosity is piqued! I love ginger ale, too.

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On Friday Open Thread

@chnellociraptor I hit refresh on that page allllllll day.

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On Friday Open Thread

@laurel You are internetfamous! *applause*

It was indeed a very wise quote.

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On Friday Open Thread


mr pomegranate and I are moving to a far-flung local! And we have the opportunity now to stock up on non-perishables and liquids for 1-2 years. Therefore, obviously, we are buying a lot of booze.

What would you take? What consists a well-stocked liquor cabinet? How much liquor do you need for a year, if you are also going to entertain once in a while? What do you need to make cocktails in places that don't have cocktail bars?

Please advise. Or just talk about booze. Consider this a general booze thread.

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

@KJZ Insufficient. You may or may not be a woman. Further details requested.

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