On What My Mom Wishes I Was Blogging About

@Julie the T My mom doesn't make me talk about this kind of stuff but my Dad is El Jefe of pointless conversation. Golf! How big the strawberries (he didn't buy) at the store were! The weather! Republicans! Golf again! More golf!

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On "We Must Do Better": In Praise of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Americanah is the best book I've read in a while. READ IT!

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On Hot Paleo People

My favorite part of the Paleo diet is how actual paleolithic people ate mostly grains.

Paleo, more like faileo.

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On I Will Not Soak It In

"If I die on top of Machu Picchu texting "omg what a bitch" to the person standing next to me, I will not die ashamed."


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On The Wall: Lessons From a Family Lawyer

I'm loving these excerpts.

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On On Being a Black Student at UCLA's Mostly White Law School

It is a fucking embarrassment that the smartest students in the country are made to feel like shit. You'd think white law students would be socially aware and intelligent enough to recognize how they treat their peers of color. Shameful, it's damn shameful. Nobody should have to feel that isolated during such a tumultuous time.

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On "Please Give It Up For the Future of Hip Hop, Kanye West"

I've always loved this verse. Thank you for posting!

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On No Thanx

The founder of spanx was a tridelta and they acted like we should be proud of that shit.

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On Engagement Chicken, Three Ways

My boyfriend is very good at roasting chicken, and often makes that for me when we have the time. I've not once asked him to marry me, I am ashamed that I have been so rude.

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On Beyoncé Wrote an Essay Called "Gender Equality Is a Myth"

aspirational != idiotic

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