By Chareth Cutestory on How Do You Get Shit Done?

This is great! I am naturally the most unproductive person in the world (partly due to ADD), so I have a LOT of built-in systems to hoodwink myself into actually doing things.

One thing that has been useful is the Five Minute Hack, which I found on Lifehacker a while ago. The gist is, force yourself to do the task you've been putting off for just five minutes with no distractions. If you're still not into it by the end of the five minutes, you have permission to stop. Five minutes seems to be the magic number to get enough momentum to want to keep doing a certain task, but it's not so much of a commitment that it seems scary (which is what causes my procrastination).

The other thing which has made a WORLD of difference for me is the Pomodoro technique, which involves setting a timer for 25 minutes and working without distractions for that amount of time. You get a five minute break to check Twitter/get a snack/go to the bathroom, and repeat, with longer breaks every 4 cycles. Kanbanflow.com is a really helpful tool - you can organize your to do list and set a timer.

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By Jazmine Hughes on How Do You Get Shit Done?

oof yes!! it pains me but I try to follow the 2-minute rule too. PUT YOUR CLOTHES IN YOUR HAMPER, JAZMINE. IT IS ALL OF 15 SECONDS.

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By lady_j on How Do You Get Shit Done?

The irony of reading an article about Getting Shit Done to procrastinate on my work...

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By anotherkate on BLAH: A Lifestyle Magazine for the Depressed Woman

There should have been an "all of the above" option on the quiz.

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By R&RKD on The Heartland Pie

Navy Pier on a Saturday in June: 100% Stacked Bobs.

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By fallopian princess on What Has Beyoncé Done For You Today?

@DullHypothesis hahaaa I've been driving my boyfriend crazy by repeating that lyric over and over the past few days.

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By cuminafterall on 10 Years, Actually: Rufus

Bobby Finger

To me you are perfect

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By Blushingflwr on Your Nice, Healing Echinacea Tablets May Be Merely "Powdered Rice and Weeds"

Really, what we need is for the FDA to get involved. Some herbs can interact with each other and with prescription medications; it's hard to account for those interactions if what you're getting isn't what you think you're getting. People deserve to get what they pay for; if the label says "St. John's Wart" it had damned well better be St. John's Wart. If the label on the meat I'm buying says "chicken", it's not okay for it to be pork.
I also think there's a lot of misinformation out there about what is safe to take and what the FDA regulates. I am sure there are people who think that if it's on the shelves at Target, it must be safe, even though there are warnings saying that it's not evaluated by the FDA.

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By special_boots on Is Snooze the Enemy?

But how blissful and luxurious do those extra few minutes feel?

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By JustTheTips on A Brand New Way to Ruin a Brand New T-Shirt

Oh you gals! Thanks! @jengetsaround and @dullhypothesis, I've just done a pretty half-assed home dye job on my hair, so maybe that'll put some space between me and Jane. NOT THAT I WANT ANY.

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