On Dress Your Family In Your Lover's Shoes

@Plexia In the US welfare benefits are asset based, meaning it is not your income that determines your entitlement, but all of your possessions in total. Some people have even been forced to sell their cars to qualify for it. In every state in the US having a trust, or any savings at all that you declare, would disqualify you from welfare.

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On Overheard at a Women-Only Charity Event

“You guys are all so beautiful. Like, there’s not enough time to hug you all and grab all your butts.”

I have said this exact thing I want to go to this ladies only charity event and touch some butts in the spirit of friendship.

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On I Came Dressed to Kill: Tracking the Nicki Minaj Makeunder

Great piece. I'm digging watching Nicki evolve, I can't get enough of her.

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On Sophie, "Lemonade"

Are all of their single covers slides? Cause that's a thing I'm into.

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On A Brief Transcription of Pantie Chatter

I started working out with the explicit goal of getting a bigger ass. So yeah, those squats are working and the panties I bought to celebrate look a lot like those. BIG HIPS BIG ASS CAN'T LOSE.

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On Did You Bring Your Dick to the Table?


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On Who Will Join Me at Red Robin for a Wineshake

Maybe I'm a Philistine but that sounds delicious.

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On The Heartland Pie

There's a stretch of highway through Rockford where you can only pick up the Christian Rock and I am ashamed to say I thought it was an alt-rock station for YEARS.

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On The Heartland Pie

@j-i-a I am from the midwest and I approve this pie.

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On Who We Tell When We Watch Our Parents Die


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