On Friday Open Thread

@annebee Exactly! I'm pretty much convinced (after over a YEAR of looking) that the dream won't come up (and we won't be able to afford it) for several years, so it makes sense to buy this 'starter' and trade up later. And it really is a nice space, just not *perfect*, you know?

@garli Thankfully one of the pros about the place is that it's under our original budget, so the financial aspect isn't such a problem. It's estate-condition, and we're planning a reno, so I guess that could always go wrong, though... Space-wise, it's less than we wanted, and there's not a lot of storage. And I'm not a minimalist. It's terrifying to think of using up your life savings and still tripping over a pile of clothes on the floor. But hey, it's NY, that's how we roll, right? Right???

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On Friday Open Thread

@SarahP Oh I've gotten that too, totally sick of it and I feel like we're moving forward out of momentum (someone actually accepted our offer, what else do you do?) Everyone else is 'excited!!'; I don't know what that means. It's just now in the final hours(ish) before signing a contract that the panic has really set in. Well maybe I wasn't jaded enough.

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On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison I thought this entire time that it would be a magical process and I'd know The One and it would be within my budget and the sellers would want Me Me Me, but of course it doesn't go like that, and what we're (possibly) buying is perfectly acceptable but not my dream, because I can't have my dream. And even if I could, I'd probably still have the hot sweats. Oh, bother!

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On Friday Open Thread

Husband and I have to make a decision this weekend about whether or not to buy an apartment in Brooklyn and I feel like I'm going to vomit, all the time, plus the hot sweats and shakes. Worse than last week's flu, my nerves!! How do people get over first-home-purchase fright?

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On What Do You Wear Around the House?

@faustbanana Where did you purchase said 'nice sweatpants'?

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On What Do You Wear Around the House?

@leon My husband definitely only wears sweatpants around the house. He may even be faster at changing into them than I am. Of course now that he works mainly at home, he hardly gets out of them either.

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On Shouldn’t I Be Saving The World, Or Something?

Indeed the grass is always greener! I never went for an advanced degree but always kept my head down, and now at 30 I'm well on my way in a career that I... am OK with... but never set out to pursue. It just turned out to be something I was good at, and I'm trying to come to terms with that fact (committing to being excellent at something that was never a dream). Meanwhile I look back on my 20s and wonder why I never spent years traveling and finding myself, while at the same time I have someone working for me who spent years traveling, and looks at my career with frustration that she's not in the same place. We all want what we can't have, that's for sure.

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On Unreleased Celebrity Fragrances

@yrouttasight I think I'd wear that one.

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On "The January Cure"

@the angry little raincloud I also wondered if she's busy writing the book :( On the bright side, I emailed her a question a few months ago and she WROTE BACK (!!) and then told me she might include my question in the book (!!!) so I almost have forgiven her for being gone (!!!!) Almost, but actually I might trade for just getting the clean person column back.

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On Hair Day

In brighter news, I got a sample of this new (?) John Frieda heat activated styling spray and it really DID make my blowout smoother, and doesn't smell like a corpse. And I am one frizzy-headed gal. Now if they'd only bring back their discontinued straightening balm that was the onnnnly thing that would keep my curls sleek...

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