By Judith Slutler on Cosmo's "Hottest Texts to Send a Guy," Edited

@leon s im not wearing undies today... bc u forgot to do the laundry again...

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By annebee on Friday Open Thread

@sprayfaint I totally felt that same thing. You think you will find your dream home, but I guess really your dream home might just not come up for a few more months or years or it's too expensive, or it doesn't exist and you just buy the best thing that fits your budget and then it happens and who knows what happens next!?!?!

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By SarahP on Friday Open Thread

@sprayfaint I got over the fright by getting totally jaded after looking at so many places and emailing the mortgage broker over and over. So look forward to the time when you're telling your friends, "yeah, we're in the middle of buying a place, ugh, whatever."

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By werewolfbarmitzvah on Friday Open Thread

It's sooooo cooooooooold, and pregnancy has me permanently sleepy to the point where I could happily sleep 18 hours a day if I didn't have a job to go to (is this what mono is like?), but I'm stuck here in the office being sleepy and freezing and dressed like Rudy Huxtable in a blizzard again. I'm fantasizing about having a huuuuuuuuuuge wooly dog, like a Bernese Mountain Dog or a Great Pyrenees, who I could spoon with during naps alllllll winter. If I had one of those gigantic hairy dogs, we would be spooning 24/7.

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By Ophelia on Modern Book-Title Ideas in Styles That Have Been Popular Recently

The curious incident of your mom in the nighttime.

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By iceberg on Modern Book-Title Ideas in Styles That Have Been Popular Recently

Tumblr of a Geisha

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By par_parenthese on Affection, Gift Returns, and Professors on Facebook

@SuperGogo I have never regretted gratitude, even if I hated the gift. I have often regretted ingratitude, even if it was justified. So that's a thing.

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By SuperGogo on Affection, Gift Returns, and Professors on Facebook

LW2: My mom gave me an expensive dress for my high school graduation gift. I know she spent more than she ever had on a dress for me (perhaps even for herself). And it was hiddy....truly hiddy. But to this day, I regret that I didn't swallow my pride and my opinions and tell her that I loved it to death. I wish I could take back that hurt I caused in marring her beautiful gesture. I think your first impulse, to focus on the beauty of the act rather than the ugliness of what was given, is something to hold on to. They're just things.

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By notpollyanna on This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

My first reaction: Ha! HA! Suck it! SUUUUCK IIIIT!

(I was born in 1984. I have no credit card debt, just funnel all my purchases through my card for the rewards, I pay it off fully and automatically each month. And my student loans were enormous, $106k when I graduated. I've halved them in 4.5 years, the first 4 of which I was making $25k/yr. Meanwhile, I lived with my parents, which was wretched, and spent ~$300-$400/ month on healthcare. SUCK IT!)

But in reality, I know I'm an outlier, blah, blah, everything you already covered that explains this difference without it just being "kids these days are lazy and irresponsible" style fist shaking.

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By EggsErroneous on What Do You Wear Around the House?

@leon s My dude works from home. He gets dressed to come over to my house, and if my roommate is gone, he immediately changes out of his jeans and into the "comfy shorts" he leaves at my place. So he is "dressed" for the seven minutes it takes to drive to my house plus the three it takes to convince me we should stay in for the evening.

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