On A Beta Male Journeys Through the Femireich


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On Winter Survival: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday Cake

@Li'l Sebastian I DO I DO I DO AND I LOVE IT

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On It's All In Your Head: A Conversation About Being Sick Without a Diagnosis

Thank you for this! My mother has had M.E. for over 20 years and gets the hysteria diagnosis ALL the time. It is bullshit.

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On Hate Actually

@QuiteAmiable GUYYYS am I the only one who is convinced Alan Rickman did NOT sleep with his secretary?? I mean, he is definitely cheating, by going all behind Emma Thompson's back, but I think they didn't sleep together!!

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On Design Critics on Catching Fire: "Do we overlook evil if it’s not dressed up like Fascism?"


that is all, goodbye

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On Interview with a Big Dick

@Blushingflwr Oh yeah, comfort isn't an issue -- I was more curious about the condom sizing thing, since I think of my dude as somewhere on the larger size of average, not like MONGO, but he fills up a size-large condom pretty solidly. So, like... are there XL condoms???

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On Interview with a Big Dick

@Blushingflwr Girth is VERY interesting, indeed.

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On Interview with a Big Dick

@Blushingflwr Can we talk about what average IS, for those of us who have not sampled a wide variety? Because my partner is the average 6" at last measurement, but feels plenty big/bottoms out/needs large-size condoms.

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On Closeted Characters, and the Books That Love Them

I was re-reading Ender's Game today and thinking "... I bet queer theorists have a FIELD DAY with this one." AND THEN I WAS VINDICATED.

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On I Am So Sorry You Probably Didn't Have An Orgasm That Time We Hooked Up

@Jim Behrle I don't know if Jim's a jerk. I do know he wrote a lazy piece.

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