On "[W]omen really struggle to keep secrets"

@JoanTition OMG. HOT. 1985 Henry Rollins was smokin'! Also, congrats on snagging your very own. I hope there are more of them out there. Like, one for meeeee!

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On Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer, Dissected

Holy shit! That's looks spectacular!

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On "[W]omen really struggle to keep secrets"

@joshuar Ohhh totally agree on both they guy and the character he plays! I love watching those Criminal Minds marathons.

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On "[W]omen really struggle to keep secrets"

Lately, Henry Rollins because I'm basing a character on him in my NaNoWriMo novel so I did some Google Images research and, well, you know how that goes. He's looking good these days but I would totally time travel back to 1985 in a heartbeat too.

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On CyHi da Prynce, "Cold as Ice"

By "strips down" I guess they mean "samples." Or am I just old? (Yeah. I'm just old.)

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On Eric and the 450-Square-Foot "Origami" Apartment

Was there a bathroom in this video? I had to watch without putting on headphones because of being sly at work and also obviously had the sound down for the same reasons. I did not see a bathroom. Did I miss it? I can't watch that video again! Please tell me he doesn't have to go down the hall to use a bathroom. Wut?

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On "Happy" NaNoWriMo

I'm doing this too! Just signed up today so I'm a day late already. I have ZERO words so far but I do have a glimmer of an idea. Well more than a glimmer at this point. Must get cracking.

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On We're Even Uglier Than We Thought

@Sydney C I love that and I'm going to tell myself that next time a crop of unflattering photos of me come my way, which is any photos at all. I hate the way I look in pics, always. More than a few friends have said to me: "your photos don't really come out well and in them you don't look like the you that I see" which made me soooo glad. Wish I was photogenic though, especially these internet/social media days.

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On 'Pinup Roundup

@Yahtzii I will be able to make the San Francisco meet up! I'm looking forward to meeting fun new people. My stupid work schedule has been crazy so my Hairpin time has been drastically reduced these last few weeks. Boo. But yay for social outing tomorrow!

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On Punc'd (Sorry)

I did the acupuncture facial thing a couple years ago. It was something like 30 needles in various places in the face, head, and neck. I went for 12 weeks, once a week. It was pricey but I used my xmas bonus to treat myself and try it out. It worked really well and I did get a lot of compliments about "looking so great lately" from those who did not know I was doing it. The most effective aspect was how it tightened up the face all around, esp. in the jawline/jowl area, and got rid of any puffiness. The big downside: it reverts back after a couple months. Bonus side effect is that it cleared up a couple patches of eczema in a couple treatments. Anyhow, there's my experience with it. If I had the $$$, I'd probably get it on the regular because it did wonders for the texture, tone and firmness of my skin!

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