On 500 Days Alone In: The World

@christonacracker I'm needing a Mike Dang follow-up to this interview.

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On 500 Days Alone In: The World

@leon s EXACTLY, it probably works out cuz they mooch. I have a cousin who bounced from place to place, but it was all crashing with friends and family for long periods of time while working remotely (and with ALL HER JUNK). I bite my tongue so hard when she talks about how much money she's saving from her adventure!

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On POP ETC's Lovely "How Will I Know" Whitney Houston Cover

I hate to be that Azn to say that he's got a very Asian-Joseph-Gordon-Levitt countenance about him and I dig it.

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On Crushes on Professors and "How Can I Tell If I'm Boring?"

Wait wait wait - I think I'm reading LW3 way differently than A Lady. I don't get the impression that the woman was angling for a kiss at all, just that LW3 went in for a hug, which the woman didn't seem to want, and because sometimes this woman is friendly and seems "into him", that he is second-guessing what this woman-friend has said.

I beg you, LW3, and all boys and girls in the world, please please please take people at their word about what they want in relationships! That's the simple truth. If they want something different from what they are saying to you, then that person is playing games or under some sort of pressure to say the opposite thing, and either situation is something you want to get involved in.

Be her friend, LW3. If you don't think you could be her friend without wanting to touch her, but you should probably walk away, for your own sanity.

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On Nope Nope Nope Nope

My unsexy advice: Take a calculated risk -- has this boy ever complimented your appearance or in any other way suggest that he doesn't care about your size (ideally not framed in a "I don't think you're fat" way but in a "you look awesome. period" way)? Have you seen him interact with his friends, and do they seem the bro-y type? If no, then I would proceed, perhaps with the suggestion of hanging out for a duration shorter than movie length, and going from there. you might also want to wait until right before Thanksgiving break so in case it goes south then you have a few days away from school to cool off. Good luck!!!

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On Centers of Gravity: In Conversation With an Ex-Gymnast

@cabot_cove_syndrome Ooooh I didn't know she wasn't the last performer of the evening; thanks so much for finding this!

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On Centers of Gravity: In Conversation With an Ex-Gymnast

Ahhhh what did she mean Kerry Strug didn't have to do her second vault and they would've still won the gold? Unfortunately even the power of Google has its limits ...

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On Or, if You Live Elsewhere, on Your Dogsled?

These photos make the NYC subway system look so pretty and shiny!! ... sadly this is not at all like reality. Maybe sometimes very early on the 6.

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On The Four White Girls of the Apocalypse

I can't reconcile this: "... I always want to avoid rendering an experience I can't speak to accurately" with "there is a certain kind of chick-lit book that isn't even fun to me in a guilty-pleasure way, because I don't see any of myself in it". She wants to write material that she can relate to, and she is disinterested in art she can't relate to. Yeah there will be no real minorities ever on this show.

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On The Weight-Loss Call-and-Return Catch-22

@Ophelia There's nothing wrong with being motivated by wanting your clothes to fit! I'm broke so I really can't afford a new wardrobe of slightly larger clothes. Reasons for losing weight are always so much more complex than what can be seen from the outside, and the main thing to hold on to is you shouldn't feel shame for any reason you choose to lose weight (and any reason you choose to go about it). This is not a narrative that society wants women to hear though.

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