On Dear White People: What Would You Do?

I, too, kept thinking about Bamboozled while watching this movie, though I couldn't really figure out why. My problem with this movie is that (...spoiler?) there were no real representations of black female friendship, and also that Sam got her "come to jesus" talk from her secret white boyfriend. I felt like if she'd had a close friend of color (any color!), they could have given that speech - or even one of her parents, her white dad, it wouldn't have bugged me so much. But some rando TA gets to tell her to cut the horseshit? I didn't love that.
But those were my only quibbles - it definitely has kept me thinking about it and the issues it brought up, and I've been telling all my friends, regardless of race, to watch it, so we can discuss.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: That Divine Gary Cooper

I started crushing on this guy back in middle school, when we were forced to read Catcher in the Rye, and Holden's all hating on him. Looked dude up, was like, fuck you Holden, and that's all she wrote. So: YAY FOR THIS.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Passion of Laurence Olivier

I have to admit, if I looked like that, I'd do my duty to the world and never get married and have sex with everything that moved.

Which is probably why I do not look like that.

That said, I genuinely don't think I've ever seen anything with Olivier in it. Maybe the Marilyn movie, but that's doubtful. So: exciting weekend project!

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Passion of Laurence Olivier

@chartreusan Is it inappropriate to say holy fuckballs in reaction to this picture. Sweet christ on a krispy kreme these guys are so attractive.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Passion of Laurence Olivier

@PistolPackinMama You know Hiddleston's in a 3-part BBC version (H4, H4.2, H5) coming out soon? The cast is bonkers.

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On The Most Controversial Ending to Any Bachelor in History Ever

If he doesn't marry this Lindzi person, so that she can take his name and from then on be Lindzi Flajnik, then he simply has no imagination.

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On The Rules of Oktoberfest

I've never been to the Oktoberfest, but I had the distinct pleasure of encountering a guy whose first language was not English wearing a shirt that read "Will Fuck For Coke" at the Bad Dürkheimer Wurstfest. (Which, despite its name, is actually a wine fest where they serve wine in pint glasses PROST!)
I miss Germany.

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