On Five Scarring Horror Movies I Watched at Slumber Parties

@josefinastrummer YES!! I saw this movie at a 1st grade sleepover (WAY TOO YOUNG!!) and it RUINED bathrooms and even mirrors for me for YEARS!!!

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On The Care and Keeping of Contacts

@melis well, that solves that!

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On Things You Probably Won't Hear Me Say

What's that mom? You want me to move closer to home so you can come over unannounced? That'd be great!

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On Why Can

Smuckers is tasty enough.

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On Why Can

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On What Dogs Want


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On Acne Makes Us Do Crazy Things

@Crockita Yes, I have been using this method for the past several months and I have dealt with moderate, but persistant acne for the last 5-6 years (I'm 25) and it manages my acne to the point where if I wear foundation, my skin usually looks clear. I think the biggest thing that has helped has been touching my skin as little as possible. Purpose cleanser is fantastic and makes quick work of removing heavy makeup fast, with light pressure and luke-warm water I feel for everyone dealing with any type of acne. It has absolutely ruined my day more than once.

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On Where Are You Growing Your New Zit?

@Princess Slayer Oh God, to have your problems! :) But seriously, dress that little beauty up!

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On Where Are You Growing Your New Zit?

@Inkcrafter Grapeseed oil, really? I'm scared to put anything with oil on my face. Does it have antiseptic properties?

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On Where Are You Growing Your New Zit?

@kneesup there is no explanation other than that you are probably perfect, so God had to give you something to be bewildered about. Salicylic acid acne pads seem to work wonders for me...and showering immediately after a work out.

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