By antilamentation on 42

As I read the essay, my eyebrows rose higher and higher towards my hairline, which is nearly 40.

"It's OK, eyebrows", I thought. "You are also nearly 40 and so fast approaching your prime."

I soothed them by stroking them with my two index fingers (also well on the way to desirability.) "I don't know who this Tom Junot fellow is, eyebrows, but we can rest assured that he desires us solely on the virtue of a bunch of projections and a crass generalisation of femme d'un certain age."

And then just like that, magically, both my middle fingers (so close to that magic age!) spontaneously rose up in tribute. They were really feeling that gravitas, you know? So much gravitas. And let's face it, as nearly 40-year-old middle fingers do, they just had to show it.

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By Batmans_Robyn on I Will Not Soak It In

@Sara Gaddis@facebook You know, this one time, my mom bullied me into going and looking at these supposedly awe-inspiring sand dunes in New Mexico. I didn't have any cell service for roughly five hours while we were there, and ended up having to bail out in the middle of a really fantastic text conversation with a friend of mine who was living in Turkey at the time.

The sand dunes were giant piles of sand. My life was not enriched by seeing them. I was not blown away by the beauty of nature. I was, however, not happy when I got back into civilization and had five messages from my friend consisting of "hey, are you still there? oh. okay. i'm going to bed. i love you."

We didn't talk again for another three weeks, and we never finished our conversation. The sand dunes, though? They're still there and they're still fucking ugly.

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By Roxanne Rholes on A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

So, a friend of mine does this kind of research for the FDA, and when I saw this I emailed him and said, basically, "what the hell are you people doing over there?" and his reply was, also basically, "this piece exemplifies that most medical writers have no idea what they’re talking about and neither do many of the researchers conducting the studies." Apparently the studies are incredibly biased and complicated - he said he gets contacted by a news source about articles like this at least once a month, and when he gives them balanced quotes, they never print them.

I will continue using condoms and tracking my cycle on a lunar calendar and drinking nettle tea. Because drugs are terrifying, and so is the industry around them.

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By distrighema on Realistic ModCloth Descriptions

Our "fake office wear dress" may look like it's ideal for work when it's floating on a white background on our website, but in reality the skirt is only six inches long and it has a weird cutout (not visible in photo)that will prevent you from wearing a bra. Perfect for your next halloween costume: "sexy employed person."

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By stonefruit on The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

Help help, my face is stuck in D: and I can't get it to change

D: D: D:


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By emsiela on The Hairpin Travel Serial, Episode 8: That Witch Is Tied Up

I too want to see what everybody else looks like naked and have to struggle to be casual during nudie occasions.

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By franceschances on Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

Moe! I miss your wonderful, rambling, dense political writing! And I love it when I see it pop up on other sites and people are completely unable to make sense of it. Please write more everywhere. I say rambling with complete love.

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By lucy snowe on bell hooks on Sheryl Sandberg's "Faux Feminism"

@lucy snowe I'm tempted to make a parallel between the tactics of these women and those of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois, but I'd make a muff of it. Just tossing the idea out there...

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on When Friends Have Babies

My friend is getting induced tomorrow (Thursday). She accidentally got pregnant with a guy she was randomly sleeping with; her birth control failed. In her entire 36 years of life, she never wanted children. It was tough for her to decide to keep the baby, and it was tough for her to come to terms with the fact that yeah, this kid is coming into the world. I don't think she's been transformed - I think her resilience, her bravery, her courage, and her honesty have shown through more in these last nine months than ever before. She's the same person, and now there's going to a baby who will be a challenge and a mystery and a joy and a lightning strike in her world.

Having a baby is something she's doing. Being a mom will be part of who she is, but she's still the same amazing person with big dreams, "petty" concerns, and beautiful humanness. And I and all our friends will continue to love her fiercely.

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By queenofbithynia on When Friends Have Babies

@queenofbithynia And actually I would say that "I'm not writing enough" is THE worry and complaint of the mother of young children. At least, of mothers of young children who have any ambitions in that regard. It's not a trivial or a light worry.

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