On True Detective Rantings

How come noone comments on this site anymore? So curious. There used to be hundreds of comments per post. And while I only lurked, I did like to read the comments. Where'd everybody go?
Also, I like this post :-)

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On We Need to Talk About Elvis

Or you might be watching the same show, hear the same line, surf to that first photo and then discover that she eventually married Bruce Jenner and bore Brody Jenner, thus relating her to any number of other members of the extended crappy reality TV family.

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On "I felt lighter and better, and all those clichéd things."

@Beericle Nooooo. But this was late 70s, early 80s; completely different era. (I old.)

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On "I felt lighter and better, and all those clichéd things."

I went to junior high and high school with him. He used to stand up on the cafeteria tables at lunch and do a Don Rickles style insult act, calling *everyone* out on their shit, which was brutal and hilarious. Proud of him now!

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On Teen Heartthrobs Live In Studio

Or, ahem, my 23 year old self?

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On Jennifer Lopez Can Do Whatever She Wants

Good dancin'. But that second outfit makes it look like she has *really* shaggy pubes. (Thankfully, she gets a wax at 2:55.)

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On Mad Money for Nothing

This is so cool. I am old but had only ever heard/used the phrase "mad money" to refer to money that anyone (male or female) hides on their person in case one is mugged and her wallet or purse is stolen.

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On The Best Time I Did Yoga With Someone From Friday Night Lights

@pixie in p : try searching for "Bikram" yoga. I know that hot yoga is most definitely a thing in San Fran.

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On Embarrassing Emails to Receive

Wait. Are you sure this is embarassing? Because I L.O.V.E.D. Lipstick Jungle.

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On Wendy and the Lost Boys, Julie Salamon

Something I found interesting from the NYT review of this book:

WW's mother "inflated [her] with ambition and undermined [her] with criticism...As a result the playwright struggled with a self-image that Ms. Salamon calls 'superior-inferior.'"

Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the mini-review!

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