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On Interview with Zoë Romano, the First Person to Ever Run the Tour de France

How cool is that! I'm training for my first marathon, and am running 16 miles tomorrow, which seems like a LOT to me, but 30ish miles a day for 9 weeks? Respect.

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On Bake-at-Home Babies: Embryo Adoption and Me

This was such an awesome piece! I had absolutely no idea that you could adopt embryos, and think that's super cool (though I don't love the "straight and married" only business, yikes). And I really appreciate that even though it's clear that three at once is A LOT, you also talk so much in the comments about how darned adorable they are. They sound very very loved.

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On On Living Abroad

@Scandyhoovian Study abroad! Right, so, having both the experience of having studied abroad for a year and now being an expat for upwards of three years:

1) My experience of studying abroad was quite different than living abroad post-college, and a lot of that had to do with the fact that while studying abroad I always knew exactly when I was coming back, now I know no such thing and it's kind of terrifying.

2) @Scandyhoovian, the exact same thing happened to me with fair-weather friends and college! Except that it was not immediately upon returning from being abroad but instead took the majority of my senior year to shake out that we had all changed in incompatible ways, and hoo boy did it suck. I think a year is an excellent amount of time to study abroad, and I don't regret having done it at all, especially given that 6+ years later I'm still quite close to a lot of my study abroad friends, but it definitely affected my friendships back at college in unexpected and not always pleasant ways.

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On It is Upon Us

I'm attempting it! Signed up a couple of weeks ago, even. Can I even vaguely get around to outlining before starting, though? That's a hell no.

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Rome

Ahhh, I just got back on Tuesday from 11 days in Rome, Positano, and Capri, and absolutely definitely the best part of being in Rome was piazza-sitting and aperitivo-drinking and people-watching. That city is magnificent.

Also, congratulations, Jane!!

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On Numbers About My Mother

This was so, so well written. Thanks for writing this.

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On A Fairytale Wedding

@Grumplestiltskin Ahhhh they are in NORFOLK. I mean, of course they are. Everything about that one is amazing.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Dorothy Dandridge vs. The World

AHP! This is one of the best pieces I've seen on the Hairpin, period (as well as my favorite of yours). So unbelievably heartbreaking, especially how little progress we've made since then in terms of Black leads in movies/TV shows. Thanks for writing this.

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On Women and Video Games: An Interview With Meagan Marie

This isn't a world I'm involved in at all, but I thought this interview was fantastic. Meagan Marie, you sound amazing!

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On Go Away! Here, I Will Help

@FoxyRoxy That really doesn't strike me as unreasonable for Asia! I mean, it's all about your standards, but if you're all right with staying in hostels/cheap(er) guest houses and are eating local food mostly (Western food will almost always be more expensive and frequently less delicious). Flights tend to be the most expensive part of travel to Asia by far; the actual day-to-day expenses are really not bad at all.

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