On Ask Baba Yaga: Was It a Bad Idea to Break Up With My Extremely Kind, Extremely Boring Boyfriend?

@apolsasam So first you were David Slone, then you were some mission society, and now you're Naperville Cosmetic Dentists? I guess props for at least spamming with real comments...

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On Dear Shailene Woodley

@Sarai No. No it is not.

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On You Are Not a Descendant

@Apocalypstick Well, first off, that's a rude comment to write on this woman's personal essay, and I hardly think the majority of Americans are obsessed with ancestry.

But secondly: Our country is comparatively new. We're a nation of immigrants, and unlike much of Europe, we don't have many 400-year-old houses in the countryside or ancient ruins in the middle of the city, so links to the past are a bit more exciting for us than they might be to someone living in a nation that's existed for a thousand years or so. It's an identity thing. If your family's been in the same place for a couple hundred years, it might not be thrilling to learn your great great grandma once lived three towns over, but for many Americans that's not the case. Our grandfathers or great-great grandfathers immigrated here in the last hundred or two hundred years, and we want to know where and why and what their stories were. It's nice to know your roots.

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On Four Months Alone on the Pacific Crest Trail

Oh hey, I went to college with this girl. Yay for Carls doing awesome things!

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On The Heartland Pie

@Citizen Christy Ann Friedman is from (and has vocally expressed her love for) the Midwest, so I think it's meant to be affectionate ribbing more than anything...

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On You're One in Eight Million

@paddlepickle me four! i moved here last July and i still haven't found my people....

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On Let's All Make...

@MeghanElizabeth Can I be your intern?

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On White Chocolate Baked Beans

@yeah-elle I wish I could like this more than once.

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On White Chocolate Baked Beans

So when I initially read the title my reaction was something along the lines of...
No. No no no. No, no no no no no no. No no. No.
(Really? Fourteen no's?)

But actually, this sounds kind of, dare I say it, amazing?

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On "Accidental" Bra-Touching and Rebound Mathematics

@Craftastrophies YES! message board. message booooaaarrdddd!!!! Edith, are you listening?! Think of all the hours I could while away reading hilarious exchanges! Even though I guess I already do that!

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