On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@DullHypothesis Can we geek out on lula for a while? It is literally my favorite place and every Special Important Dinner has happened there for the past ~7 years or so.

I want the chilled peanut satay noodles for lunch every day. Goddamn.

Also, let us agree that it is vastly superior to Nightwood even though Nightwood has some good things sometimes.

@wallsdonotfall I knew I'd find you in this thread. Let's hang again. I might be defecting to NYC soon. Sadface.jpg

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On Things Not to Do, According to Recent Articles of Note

@S. Elizabeth @Tuna Surprise @steponitvelma

You all are the best. Thanks for educatin' me. I've heard a lot about how different it is from undergrad work/how it's more of a trade school, but it's hard to get that into my head. I can't really imagine schoolwork that's not... schoolwork. Is there anything in particular you'd advise to read up on 0L summer? I've got getting to maybe and another thing, but I don't want to be The Biggest Gunner and start memorizing E&Es or anything. I guess I am already exhibiting gunnerism by knowing what those are.

Tuna, are you wanting to move to gov work? Or gun for partner?

@Bookgerm Yea, NYU students just seemed a lot happier, overall - I feel like that's a hard thing to fake. Plus they're giving me more $ so far. I'm glad to hear it's working out! Are you in biglaw as well?

"Law schools pick the best marathon runners they can find and dunk them in water to prepare them to swim like Olympians. And that, kids, why we call lawyers 'sharks.'" I know this was overall a message of warning, but :D. On a serious note I'm trying hard to imagine myself not going this fall--just for the sake of serious consideration to both sides--but it's taken on an inertia at this point. I mean I am literally weeks away from putting in a deposit. Not that inertia is ever a good reason, buuuut, y'know.

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On Things Not to Do, According to Recent Articles of Note

@Tuna Surprise Another round of thanks - I really appreciate this response, too. What's your practice area? Have you been with your firm all the way since 2004? Did you clerk?

I don't think I'd be able to turn down HLS if I got in, but I'm currently held and haven't been interviewed, so it's pretty bleak. Do you think the cachet of CLS is noticeably more valuable than NYU, out in the real world? Would you pick NYU again? NYU seemed like a much happier place when I visited, and I responded more to the professors/students I got to talk to there, but I don't want to confuse the quality of an admissions office with the quality of a law school.

That's fair about weeding people out. I've been shocked by how people think it's great to go at all, or that I should go to local schools - it seems like parents are still a driving force behind the whole go-to-law-school thing, and they just don't know what's up with the market these days. Not to pretend that I really do, being a 0L. But I know enough to know it's worse than the numbers, and much worse than the perception of the general public.

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On Things Not to Do, According to Recent Articles of Note

@wilarseny aaand my link stopped working? Anyway, here: http://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/1bwv9l/women_with_both_high_math_and_verbal_ability/

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On Things Not to Do, According to Recent Articles of Note

@S. Elizabeth "But I don't think law school is a good decision because there is a huge chance that in 3 years, you'll be in the same spot you are now, just with mountains of debt. MOUNTAINS of debt."

That's really what I worry about. I hate my job, and I don't want to end up in a situation where I still hate my job but also have to work twice as much and am indentured to my loans. I was lucky enough to graduate undergrad with minimal debt and am in a good financial situation, though my job's effects on my sanity are not sustainable.

I think I won't have those problems. I know no one in New York and am going in with the expectation of living in the library, studying 24/7. I did not do that in college until it was too late, and putting my life on hold sounds AWESOME and exactly like what I want to do for a while. That having been said, I know that saying "I think it'll be different for me" has preceded many, many terrible life decisions.

I guess my problem is that I can't imagine myself doing anything.

...sorry, I don't mean to turn this thread into my personal therapist (though it wouldn't be the first time I've done that on this site!). I definitely appreciate hearing your perspective. I just... aghhh. Aghhhhhh. Please, internet, make my life decisions for me?

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On Things Not to Do, According to Recent Articles of Note

@steponitvelma Thanks!

It's funny, because at the same time I was reading this thread I was also looking at this thread and was consistently amused/facepalming at the "it's because women are too smart to go into a terrible field like science" comments.

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On Things Not to Do, According to Recent Articles of Note

@steponitvelma Ah, gotcha. I've heard the same about tax but I can't imagine enjoying it :) I'm glad that you can, though! Good luck!

Mostly between Columbia and NYU at this point, though I still have a couple lottery tickets (HLS, SLS) out there that could change things. I'll be lucky if I get anywhere close to a half scholarship at either. NYU wants to hear back by 4/22, but hopefully not having decisions/financial aid back from other places will convince them to extend the deposit deadline. We'll see.

@Mae can you name these industries and/or tell me how to get into them in ways that don't involve me time-traveling back to undergrad and picking a different major? I know I'm probably coming off as snippy, but I'm seriously open to having my mind changed by a realistic answer.

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On Things Not to Do, According to Recent Articles of Note

@steponitvelma Definitely appreciate the response. I've been out for two years - would not have done well had I gone straight after UG. Curious to hear how you feel about the law school decision after hitting the market :) are you looking to go into biglaw after graduation? This would be around the time of OCI for y'all, right?

I guess mostly I don't want to ignore all the advice about not going to law school, just because of confirmation bias or some shit - but then it's really only negative stuff out there (response bias?). So it's good to hear that someone is happy with their decision to go, even if I still have to remain skeptical.

@charmcity Yea, that's where I'm coming from - working a shit job for the past couple of years has definitely increased my motivation. It is rough out here. All of my coworkers have been trying to get out for 2-4 years and no one has found anything. But I would not have done well at any grad school straight from UG.

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On Things Not to Do, According to Recent Articles of Note

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On Things Not to Do, According to Recent Articles of Note

To those of us considering law school (by which I mean, to those of us who are in the cycle this year and have most of their decisions back, and are like 90% of the way to putting in a deposit somewhere) but who don't necessarily REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be lawyers, and have humanities degrees:

Seriously, the fuck else are we supposed to do?

Get a second BA in a STEM field? Rob a bank? Everyone everywhere is getting nailed right now. I'm well-versed on the downsides and the shit market for new lawyers, but the market is shit for the rest of us, too. I've read a hundred of these Law School Scam articles, but nowhere have I seen a good alternative.

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