On What's Happening With My Nails?

One, your nails look great. Two, as an alternative to the Nail Glow, check out Julep Oxygen--it comes in a pinkish and a beige-ish shade. I have the pinkish one and I think it does that "instant French manicure" thing pretty well; have not tried the beige one.

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On How the Nutcracker Wrecked My Christmas

This is tremendous.

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On Friday Open Thread

@emsiela Is this college, high school, public, private? I'm just wondering what recourses/resources you have open to you beyond your own bag of tricks. No shame in "escalating" beyond your own classroom (to the nearest principal, chair, dean, parent) and if your boss is lovely she should back you in enforcing some consequences where they are needed.

Beyond that, I wonder what would happen if you made groups consisting of one lost soul, one too-good-for-it, one withdrawn, and one regular beginner and somehow made them responsible for each other (Not sure how...hmm...). I've noticed that students who treat me as disposable often treat each other much better. And it would take some of the pressure off you to be doing the whole dog & pony show by yourself every time, which is the part I find most maddening about an unresponsive class.

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On A to Z: Unpopular Self-Help Books

@Hot Doom When I was studying OE in grad school I definitely dragged my friends into it with me. We were great fans of gebeorscipe.

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On The Best Time I Auditioned For a Game Show

I have auditioned for Jeopardy--as I recall we got to write down our UNIQUE FUN FACTS in advance, which is a lot easier than generating them on the spot. I will never know if my UFFs were not U or F enough, or if I did not do well enough on the written test at the audition. But just having auditioned is a fun story to tell.

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On Do You Need a Hug?

@fondue with cheddar Definitely. Whereas it's possible, even routine, to "faire la bise" sort of at arm's length--you grasp each other's forearms and lean in from there.

Now to see what other questions of causality I can answer with "because boobs."

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On 10 Things My Yoga Instructor Said That Almost Made Me Quit Yoga

My instructor has actually said #3, although she had the good sense to laugh at herself afterward.

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On Do You Need a Hug?

I am sufficiently anti-hug that I forget social hugging is a thing and never put my hand out in time to avoid unexpected embraces. In any case I'm too much of a people-pleaser to be all "DON'T HUG ME" (even if that's what I'm interior-screaming).

Oddly enough I can handle the French-style double-cheek-kiss, which paradoxically seems less intimate even though kissing is nominally involved?

Anecdote, anecdata.

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheLetterL Successfully clearing the baby-deer-legged 20s and beginning to give less of a damn about, well, everything is pretty great. As others have said, the 30s are an excellent decade.

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On Friday Open Thread

Rushing down here to post this because it seems eminently Hairpin-worthy:

Also, turned 40 yesterday. So far, being 40 is exhilarating/terrifying/exactly the same as being 39 but with some flowers on my desk.

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