On Last Night's 'Downton'

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"You don't have to behave this way. You could be so much better."

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On Last Night's 'Downton'

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It has to be that they only had her ankles swelling and not her hands or face so that the other doctor could plausibly deny what was happening.

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On Friday Open Thread

Conspiracy theory: I think "Bring Him Home" was lipsynced. Not because Jackman didn't go falsetto, but because I couldn't see the vibrato in his throat or mouth that I did for the rest of his performance.

I straight up started crying when Colm showed up at the beginning. (Months ago, I found out he would be the Bishop, but forgot? So it was so overwhelmingly wonderful.) Also I missed Eponine for the part at the end, but Valjean didn't even meet her, so for a movie this was so much better.

The rest of my thoughts:

I didn't hate Russell Crowe. I developed very low expectations when I saw the previews, which were met in most of the thing, and actually exceeded for "Stars." I liked the softer interpretation he brought to it! Quastie 4 lyfe, though.

Anne Hathaway was amazing.

Eddie Redmayne really blew "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" out of the water. The rest of Marius/Cosette was as bland as I expected it to be.

Valjean! Skating while your daughter's still in her wedding dress! Dickhole!

Aaron Tveit is obviously my new musical boyfriend.

The grime and hopelessness of it all was so much more palpable onscreen that "Master of the House" came through as the darkly comic relief it should be, instead of just annoying.

The way they edited was very smart. I can't think of a song they cut in its entirety other than "Dog Eats Dog," but they shortened most of the major ones by a verse and most of the ensemble pieces by several.

And finally, you know who didn't give two shits about "Suddenly" writing a new song to be eligible for an Oscar? Stephen Sondheim.

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On Today's Toy Lunch

Also on that page: hearing aids. <3

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On Today's Toy Lunch

@yunkstahn I have a Felicity in my attic! They appear to have retooled her clothes in different colors for Caroline Abbott.

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On A Yogurt Epiphany

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You and I eat Fage correctly.

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On How to Boil Eggs


But sometimes you DO hold real babies upside-down! How old are these dolls supposed to be?

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On Let's Quit Screwing Around Here

So where is the YouTube remix with Marni Nixon as every voice? Or else what is the Internet even FOR?

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On Things That Are Used More as Murder Weapons Than For Their Stated Purpose

@darklingplain I had to Google these, too. Cyanide is used in mining; strychnine is primarily a pesticide, which makes its inclusion on this list suspect since its main use is still killin'.

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On Things That Are Used More as Murder Weapons Than For Their Stated Purpose

@kingstitcher Ahahahaha, I was thinking of a KNIFE made of PAPER like in PRISON. You probably mean a letter opener.

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