On Themes I Have Considered For My December Wedding, Based on Some Recent Viewings/Experiences

2/5 sources for these themes involve key parties. Well done.

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On A Campy Pirouette and A Scissor Leap: An Appreciation of Jesus Christ Superstar

So this is happening.

Johnny Rotten, Brandon Boyd, Michelle Williams, "and JC Chasez as Pontius Pilate." OMG, in.

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On Get This Look: Adventure Time

@Mae Isn't BMO a boy?

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On Potential Future Content

@Daisy Razor
The sphenoid bone is the best bone. It looks like a bat, and it's in the skull, but doesn't look skull-y.

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On Good Recent Questions From Discovery.com

"...next, on Sick Sad World!"

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On An Interview With a Mom of Triplets

Aleeah and Alianna.

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On What Your Bag Says About You

@kingstitcher And it has a cell phone pocket, a larger pocket, a zip pocket on the other side, and an interior tab with a snap to attach my keys. <3

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On What Your Bag Says About You

C forever, a brown Banana Republic satchel that I found at Ross for like 1/3 the price. I looked for the perfect bag for three years, and it's lasted me five. And the lining is blue and brown pinstripe!

Pretty sure the Klein Tools bags on the site linked in f were featured on a few style blogs a while back.

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On Last Night's 'Downton'

I knew Dr. Clarkson was right because medicine, but also because the actor played Kalas, my favorite Highlander villain ever. (Was the Best Opera Singer, came at McLeod, McLeod fucked up his throat but didn't behead him so he lived but couldn't sing, tearjerking lipsync to Pagliacci, came back at McLeod for revenge and also because There Can Be Only One. McLeod is a douche.)

So I spent a while last night trying to find out which Highlander villain Dr. Phillip played, and there was none! Pity!

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On Last Night's 'Downton'

I have a two-year-old girl, and Lady Cora's goodbye speech kept my ugly cry going for a solid hour. MY BABY

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