On Selena, 'Selena,' and "Selenas"

i have probably seen selena 10 times...at least. on the many, many days my 7th/8th grade spanish teacher was hungover/didn't feel like teaching us, she popped in either this tape or stand and deliver. big EJO fan over there. as a result, i did develop quite a fondness for it.

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On The $625 Apartment

@julia It really has exploded. I grew up here, then moved back three years ago, and am blown away by how much more expensive the city's become even in the past few years! My boyfriend has lived in Bloomingdale (neighborhood to the immediate east of LeDroit) for almost four years, and I moved to the neighborhood two years ago. We've watched basement 1 bedrooms go from less than 1k to about 1500-1800.

We both have pretty great deals in our group houses. He pays $450 in a giagantic old house with 4 other roommates right in the heart of the neighborhood (old house with remote landlords who do the bare minimum in upkeep = cheap rent). I pay $750 a little farther up First St., closer to Children's Hospital, for a lovely house with 2 roomies. We have 2 huge screened-in porches, a great front stoop/patio, a front yard, 3 parking spaces with a garage, plus basement and attic storage. And washer/dryer! And brand new dishwasher! Bloomingdale is getting pricier, but there are still a lot of good group house finds. Eckington is similar but a little less safe - also less expensive.

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On The $625 Apartment

@cuminafterall Bah, I want to move to Cap Hill/Eastern Market so bad. I work right on Barracks Row but have always loved the area. So damn expensive over here though.

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On IUDs, or A Detailed Guide to Long-Term Sperm Scarecrows

@vivian darkbloom this is interesting because one of the reasons i want to go on paraguard is to see if i can resume getting my period normally without hormones...i went on bc when i was about 20 because i hadn't been getting getting my period for a year - at the time my gyno thought it was maybe because i picked up running? she ran tests and couldn't think of any other reason. anyway, it's regulated my period for the past 6 years but i'm kind of over the hormone thing. but maybe i should stick with the hormones because of this? hm. something to ask my doctor.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Unspoken Tragedy of Natalie Wood

Excellent 'Scandals' article as always! Speaking of Judy Garland, I would loooove one of these on her. I looked back through the achives and I don't think you've done one?

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On My Case With Accutane

I also took Accutane as a pimply teen in 1998 -- I had some crazy old, OLD derm at the time who basically prescribed it to me the second my mom asked about it, I believe I only tried one or two other medications first. But yeah, I had really severe acne, and 10+ years later, it's never ever been a problem again. Only side effect ish I remember having was chapped lips and dry skin.

My sister, however, started it (or a facsimile? I had no idea it was discontinued) and was really weirded out by the pledge and the fact that she also had to take birth control despite being a lesbian. Seems intrusive to me.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry Basics

@phlox i am similarly shocked by this revelation!! my roommate just bought these dryer ball things to use as a slightly more environmentally friendly alternative to dryer sheets, so i'm totes replacing sheets with those things for my towels from now on.

Clean Person saves my life yet again.

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On The Best Time I Found Out I Had HPV

@Crockita Yeah, I was pretty shocked when I got HPV from my boyfriend last year (which resulted in my needing a LEEP procedure), as I actually did get vaccinated with Gardasil a few years ago, and while I was still a virgin, no less. This has made me scream to high heavens to all my girlfriends to GET REGULAR PAPS, even if you've had the vaccine.

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On Lean Cuisine-A-Day Recap

my coworker actually eats these every day for lunch and i'm always in pure awe. usually the pizza ones, which, WHY.

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On Ally McBeal Face

i recently forced myself all the way through the series on netflix -- originally just did it to rewatch the first two seasons, but i finish what i start, dammit! -- i say the first couple hold up, even if some of the Issue Episodes are horribly outdated (the entire storyline with transgendered lisa edelstein, etc). There were some killer lines throughout, though. 3-5, oh god oh god, so terrible, somehow even worse than i remembered from when i was 14.

these drawings are seriously awesome, is what i originally came here to say.

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